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  • It’s just a branch. If yours malfunctions, you still have to go to the genius bar or whatever the clarendon store.

  • Sorry, it’s a pretty standard BestBuy thing-it’s just a place where you can buy some Apple products (iPhone is not available at BestBuy-only AT&T and Apple Stores).

  • wow – DCUSA looks very depressing. but i guess it has good qualities…

  • DCusa IS depressing. A wasted oppurtunity. architecturally vomit enducing. And a crappy name to boot. But no reason to rehash all that. Did the Apple Store in Georgetown ever open?

  • I’m backing you on the Best Buy boycott.

  • DS USA is AWESOME. Love having Target, Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, would love WSC if I didn’t use the one at work, Ellwoods (apparently) coming is further freaking great news. It has also helped induce a lot of local restaurants accross the street. Thank god we have DC USA.

    There. Just to put a different opinion out.

    And Apple.. ya ya.. overpriced eye candy.

  • I also love DCUSA, besides the lame name it was given. I’m VERY excited to see a Bank of America opening up on the street level. Does anyone have a heads up on what’s going in next to Marshall’s (right when you walk into the mall?)

  • I think we needed the stores, no matter how bad the architecture, and they have a nicely integrated clientele, unlike too many of our newer establishments. I agree on the return policy from Best Buy. Now I need to check out the website of Kiko’s chicken, which is opening near 14th and Quincy this fall.

  • Oh, and there is an Apple store in Pentagon City, which is one the convenient yellow line.

  • DCUSA is architecturally vomit-inducing? Please link to a photo of a mall or big box retailer that has the best architecture you’ve seen, I’d love to see it.

    I’m not a fan of the empty space, but I presume it’s there for future sales kiosks.

  • This one is pretty. It is apparently in Dubai.


    Personally I don’t really care what DC USA looks like, but it does seem kind of dark inside.

  • the shops at georgtown is very light and nice inside.

  • whats the one by GW that has the bertuccis and used to have the tower records. Thats a nice one too.

  • Kalia, how do you find such great links?

  • off the subject as i usually am. Does anyone else thing they should have put a level or two of office space on top of DC USA. It would be a boon to the neighborhood to have office workers contributing to the economy of the neighborhood during the day while the residents are at work elsewhere. I thought mixed use was the wave of the future?

  • Federal Realty Trust helped save an old mall in my hometown by adding revenue-producing office space where a 10 screen movie theatre had recently closed. Don’t see it happening anytime soon with DC USA, but they sure do have the empty parking spaces to support an office type development.

  • can we have a movie theatre in columbia heights ? please

  • I’m really happy that Target, Best Buy, etc. are just a few block away now. But the entrance to Best Buy is just the most butt-ugly thing. It’s just really wierd! It’s not like security would be that big an issue on the 2nd floor of DC USA, but the one little door to this store?? – quite the dreary entrance to the Best Buy. What were they thinking??!

  • Kalia, I’ve been to that mall. In Dubai, if they didn’t spend a trillion dollars on the architecture it’s crap. This is a place that is building a man-made group of islands shaped like a map of the world and built a ski slope in the middle of the desert! Of course, they’d build an extravagant mall!

    As for DCUSA’s lobby, I think the storefront immediately to the right as you walk in kind of adds to the darkened feeling. Once it’s filled and the blue paper is removed, perhaps there will be more light there. On the Target level, it does seem like there’s a lot of wasted space by the elevators and towards BB.

    PoP, I too have boycotted BB!

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