Another Interesting Sculpture From Meridian Hill Park


I keep finding new (to me) ones. This one I thought was funny because it is called ‘Serenity’. But if you look closely the sculpture has been beat to hell. I know the Venus de Milo is also a bit beat up and people find tremendous beauty in it but this sculpture doesn’t convey serenity to me. Do you think ‘Serenity’ is an apt name for this memorial to Lieutenant Commander William Henry Schevtze?


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  • I’ve sat in her lap on more than one light night occasion.

    It’s really quite comfy.

  • Hmm.. I guess William “Bill” Schevtze must have liked voluptuos women? You know, kinda like his modern day name sake. Why would they otherwise commemorate the man with a big tittied lady? 😉

  • I had a boss (now deceased) who told me her Dad used to take the family on late night strolls through the park. (Needless to say, this was back in the day) This statue, and the meandering path leading to it, was her favorite.

  • Thats not “Serenity.” That’s Roseanne Barr!

  • Since the 80s, that’s always been my favorite statue in DC. Back then (circa 1988) someone had painted her eyes black, and time/weather had caused them to run in horrendous, Alice-Cooper-esque streaks down her face, which made the name SERENITY even more ironic. Love it.

  • So, speaking of statues, have you seen the one commissioned by Henry Adams in Rock Creek Cemetery? I think that one is seriously beautiful. (Though I love Malcolm X park, the statuary is a bit odd. Including Jeanne d’Arc).

  • Actually, the big tatas and ample lap totally suggest “serenity” to me. I like the idea of curling up for a snack and a nap.

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