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  • yes! i’ve seen this around before. pretty morbid but well done…

  • I think they should attach a U-Haul to it

  • in many states, “expired” plates like the one above are not allowed. neither are “zero” and “noplate”. they’ve had problems with cops writing these vanity plates down on tickets, only for some dingbat at the dmv to place them in the computer system as cars without plates – so the owner never gets a ticket.

  • Phenomenal.

  • Hahaha… very Six Feet Under. There is actually a funeral home close to our house and I once saw one of their employees wheeling a body into their carage (!!) singing and dancing to himself as pushed the corpse along.. I thought it was hilarious and somehow surreal. 😀

  • to die for

  • wow! really cool, eh? i wish these were the items we had to discuss in NE DC.

    kudos to the fun you all have in petworth.

    i wish i could live up there and talk about doors, plates, gardens, etc.

    unfortunately, i just get to comment on the hood because i lived there, and have friends that still live there…..

    but hey, kudos to the target, etc.

    it’s all good fun.

    you guys are the burgeoning burbs of dc.

    and i kind of like it, but i don’t miss it.


    NE DC

  • I’d say it was a perfect example of truth in advertising!

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