14th Street Beautification Project Begins

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Wow, they already planted trees in the triangle (future) park at 14th and Park. I only hope the construction doesn’t negatively impact Julia’s Empanadas business.


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  • Say what? Those trees have been there since last year. Not new. The question is what will happen to them during the next phase of the public realm project.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Oops, I couldn’t remember. It looks like the trees’ll be ok as they are protected by orange fencing, yeah?

  • Judging by the site work master plan for the area, all of those trees are in the wrong locations. They have an open theater / fountain area planned for this location with trees lining the back edge closer to the retail fronts. I’m not sure how they plan to work with the trees short of picking them up and moving them…something trees really dig in mid July.

  • At least they got rid of that @$#$! gravel. My guess is they are leaving the trees but putting in paving stones.

  • PoP, you REALLY have to stop sniffing that glue you often refer to.. 😀

    Anyway, one can perhaps conclude from the updated timeline of the plan (issued last week) that they are going to work on the curbs for now. The fountain etc. will only be constructed next year. To me it seems they are just trying to protect the trees from the work on the curbs, and will probably leave them there until the fountain construction begings. At that time they may well get axed (or, if we are lucky, moved to line some other streets).

  • i am glad to see developers are finally doing something about this horrible gravel-strewn lot in the rich heart of columbia heights; it looks like KITTY LITTER the way it is now….

  • if i remember correctly, the city announced that, when the trees were planted in the triangle, their locations were temporary, and they’d take the time and money to move them without doing extensive damage to their root systems. hopefully the city follows through on that one.

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