Wow, Lots More Folks Applying for Outdoor Seating

From the listserv about Tuesday’s ANC meeting:

Public space permit application No. 37489 for an unenclosed, sidewalk cafe at Moroni & Brothers, 4811 Georgia Avenue NW

Public space permit application for sidewalk cafe at Sweet Mango Cafe, 3701 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, DC

Also discussed:

Gary Cha, owner, Yes Organic Market – discussing the proposed market for Georgia & Taylor and related beer-and-wine license issues


Ed. note: the Gary Cha Yes Organic Market discussion brings my scuttlebutt accuracy up to 97% accurate…


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  • Moroni’s isnt necessarily in the best spot for outdoor seating….that should be interesting.

  • Yes, seriously. Why would you want to site outside there?

  • Perhaps the outdoor seating will help create a more pleasant atmosphere.

  • Why would you want to sit outside there? Because it’s outside.

    Why would you want to sit outside at the Red Derby, or at Domku, or at Red Rocks… because it’s outside.

    Outside is wonderful.

  • Outside is wonderful. Just not outside *there*.

  • C’mon Matt91, why is outside there any worse than outside anywhere else in our neighborhood? Seriously, I’ve never noticed a paper mill, a sauerkraut factory, a major highway… there. So? Specifics?

  • A friend who lives near Red Derby said basically the same thing matt91 is saying about the idea of sitting outside there…some of the bars near there can be pretty rough and there was a stabbing not long ago. Now she says the patio is the best thing that’s happened there…just having people sitting outside dining and chatting has changed the feel of the block. The best thing you can do about a bad atmosphere is change the atmosphere!

  • Outdoor seating at Sweet Mango Cafe is going to be interesting. They have a good traffic since the metro is right there…but they also have bad traffic since the metro is right there. I guess they’re banking on the changes to come once all of this construction is complete.

  • speaking of sweet mango cafe… is it me or is any one else dissapointed in their dining experience there? the food is amazing and the staff are friendly, i just can’t shake the feeling that they could change their business into something a bit more upscale (i.e., permanent signage, more comfortable seating). everytime i go in it feels as though they just want to get you out of there instead of create a dining experiene. don’t get me wrong, i’m not looking for high end, but something a bit more than carry out. we’ve got enough carry out in the area.

  • I agree with Anonymous (June 11th, 2008 at 2:42 pm). It takes initiative to make outdoors *there* better. Moroni’s is definitely a start!

  • I just think that the sidewalk isn’t quite large enough to allow for enough seating to make it worthwhile.

    On another note, I’m just not a huge fan of bus fumes etc with my pizza– hard to avoid the GA Ave traffic when you’ve got about 5 ft of dining space

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