Worth Salvaging?


If I had any skills at all I think this could’ve made for one sweet desk. Sadly, I have no skills. Well, that’s not true, I am a mediocre tennis player and I speak fake Italian nearly fluently. Anyway, for those that are handy, how hard would it be to restore this desk? Would it even be worth salvaging?

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  • No worth it all – let this one go

  • Sorry – not worth it at all…

  • Princey, this is trash. If you had any skills, and you do, you’d go and buy a nice desk, but you probably have one. Sorry, but I just went through a great big purge and clean up at work where I threw away a lot of good stuff, if you call #$%^& from the 80s good, and I don’t. It’s hard to let go at first.

  • It’s trash, not treasure, and I’m really getting tired of people not disposing of their bulk trash in an appropriate way. You can give furniture away on Craigslist, clal the city for bulk removal, or bring it to the dump. There’s no reason to leave junk on the curb – it’s a blight.

  • As for bulk trash, I agree with Mr. T. We have had bulk trash come many times and take away stuff from old furniture to other assorted things we wanted out, that were too big to be deposed of in the regular weekly trash pick up. Just know in advance what you want picked up and call them (it used to be the Mayor’s call center, now it may be something else). There is a limit of maybe 7 items. They will give you a pick up date and you put the stuff out the night before. They’ve never let me down.

  • Yep, Mayor’s citywide call center for bulk trash pickup on this one… 311 is the number.

  • As a road-find junkie I would grab this up. Turned 180 it would provide a stable base, then invert the drawer hardware (so it still works upside down), and instant gardening table. Keep tools in the drawer, extra pots on each side of the column; so it gets a little dirty and wet, what’s gonna happen, it’s gonna get damaged? And it sure beats spending $200 at a garden supply store for a plastic version. And when it finally falls apart, the particle board can be smashed up for mulch, and/or, depending on how plastic the veneer is, saved for the winter solstice bonfire. It’s all good.

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