Winner of PoP Photo Archives Contest


“Awesome numbers of the day? And what do you think about Peace above it? I like it, makes me feel like these people are really cool and laid back, and look they have muffins. What do you think?”

I know Kalia already has a shirt so I’ll just have to buy you a beer.

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  • PoP has a cruuuuush!!!

    kalia, don’t let him seduce you into lending him your camera. he tends to break ’em.

  • are you serious? there were some great comments on this post, but that was not one of them… definitely not better than ‘muffins in the front, poker in the rear’ anyway..

  • What is the winning comment? I cannot tell from any of these postings. If it wasn’t me then I was robbed too!

  • the winning caption was the one by kalia, whats posted under the photo here… so yes, you were robbed M 🙁 yours was great too intangiblearts!! damn that lovelorn PoP!

  • haha, nice! I will accept that beer, and I will drink that beer, and all the while I will enjoy all the jealousy and rage that is Cristobal!

  • i didnt even enter, why would i be jealous? i just want to call this contest what it is.. A SCAM! i hope you and PoP enjoy your date, fall in love, get married, have a handful of little dukes and duchesses of dc, hell..change the name to prince and princess of petworth, but PLEASE get the blog back to the people, not a courtship vehicle between lame party 1 and lame party 2…


  • ahh delicious delicious rage! mmm…

    and for someone who didn’t even enter you sure seem to enjoy putting your 2cents in and telling other people how to run THEIR blog. I mean I wouldn’t want to call you bossy or anything. 😉

  • It’s okay Cristobol, for the rest of their lives together they’ll have to answer the “how did you meet” question with, “Uh, on his blog” (which, when explained to the grandparents will have to be followed up with the whole explanation of the WWW, the series of interconnected tubes that send information around the planet etc) so in my opinion, that’s penance enough for this, this- oh, let’s call it what it is…. egregious favoritism!

  • Maybe I don’t get the idea of a caption on this blog. Were we supposed to write something is the same manner as PoP does all of his captions, or were we supposed to come up with a caption/funny quote to go along with the picture? PoP can you pelase clear this up so I know how to respond the next time you ask for a “caption”. Kahlia’s caption is not the best in my humble opinion. Thank you to Cristobal.

  • His contest said “what was I thinking when I took this?” So I my entry was just exactly what I bet he was thinking when he took it going by what he usually posts. Sort of like “duh PoP, you were probably thinking exactly what you always do when you take your pictures…”

    I entered his last contest with the punching bag “what was i thinking when I took this?” and tried to go with something witty and fun, but saw that he picked on that he would probably actually be thinking… So I went with that precedent for this one.

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