Why Are There Different Entrances For Girls and Boys?


There was an interesting article in the Post about segregating classes by gender in some elementary schools. These photos are from a school in Bloomingdale near North Capitol. You think it is related?


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  • This school, whose name isn’t listed, must be quite old, probably vintage 1920s, as are many of the older DCPS buildings. MacFarland MS in Petworth had the year 1923 chistled on it and many other schools in the city were built at the same time. Back then, I assume boys and girls lined up separately on the playground to come into the building, which is why they had the two entrances. More importantly, people must remember that schools in DC were segregated by race, with a white and an African-American division until Brown v. Board outlawed the practice.

  • I thought it was because girls had cooties….

  • it’s not because of cooties, it’s cuz they taste funny.

  • Abstinence. Teen pregnancies skyrocketed just as soon as those pointy-headed liberal educators abandoned this entirely sensible practice.

    In keeping with the spirit of the subject, would you please separate these photos into separate posts? Think of the children.

  • I’ve seen that school. It literally looks condemned. Does anyone know if it’s still in use? I’ve never seen any kids in it, but once I saw a few walking through the dilapidated playground.

  • I thought it was cuz boys stink.

  • I live near this school. It’s J.F. Cooke Elementary, and if you think it looks condemned you should see the Langston school across the street which actually IS condemned. Cooke Elementary was among those schools recently closed by Chancellor Rhee. We’ll see if it falls into disrepair like the other school buildings on that block. So sad.

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