Where’s the Best Indian Restaurant in DC?


I’m really enjoying these posts on best falafel, Middle Eastern, Ethiopian, etc. So I’m super curious to learn where folks think the best Indian restaurant is to be found. The photo above from Adams Morgan claims to be DC’s finest. I have to give them props on one of the finest doors. But what is your vote for favorite Indian restaurant?


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  • Rasika is certainly great but pricey of course. Juuuust outside of DC, I think Tiffin is pretty solid.

  • White Tiger, on the Hill at Mass Ave & 3rd.

  • Indique in Clev Park is pretty good stuff.

  • Oh man, I second Tiffin. Soooo good, even their rice is mouthwatering. Though Udupi Palace right next store has better samosas (but only samosas). Nirvana (K&18th) is also pretty good.

  • Nirvana at 19th a K!

  • its all about udupi palace.

    damn i wish they were closer.

    theres a decent place over on barracks row. dont know the name.

  • I’m no expert, but my fave is Heritage in Dupont.

  • I love Haandi’s. It’s in Bethesda, but it has a fantastic lunch buffet, especially for vegetarians.

  • white tiger is the absolute worst. yuck.

    rasika definitely takes it. indique and nirvana are both good. the hidden gem hole in the wall however is Mehak in chinatown (been there much longer than the recent real estate boom) which makes incredibly good curries.

  • Aatish on PA Ave near Eastern Market. (Indian and Pakistani)

  • Amma’s in Georgetown. I could live on their dosai.

  • Jyoti is indeed the finest. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for Indian.

  • Being Indian, here’s my two rupees 🙂 : Heritage in Glover Park is my favorite. Heritage in Dupont is too trendy and non-authentic. Bombay Club has a great atmosphere. Jyoti is good too. Delhi Dhaba in Arlington is pretty good. Dehli Dhaba in Bethesda sucks.

  • Oh man, Amma is really good. But what I like even better (again, in the vein of dirt cheap, though perhaps also a tad dirty) is Mehran on Pennsylvania Ave in Foggy Bottom. It’s the sort of place where you have to order from what they already have prepared, rather than the whole menu, but you can get a whole vegetarian meal (main dish, side dish, tasty rice) for about $5. Though maybe it’s technically Pakistani, rather than Indian? I think the proprietors are Muslim.

  • Heritage in Glover Park is the best I’ve had anywhere. A bit pricey though.

  • There used to be an Indian vegetarian place in Silver Spring was nice – I forget the name. I wish there was an Indian restaurant in Columbia Heights!

  • By far and away Bombay in Wheaton, I know it is far, but the only place in the area to rival the worst place on Brick Lane

  • While I’ve not eaten at every single place mentioned in these comments, I have eaten Indian in many of these and other places. I have to agree with the pic…it’s Jyoti for me!

  • Though a bit of a drive, Tiffin in Langley Park is my spot. Chicken Makhni, a pile of rice and roti, and I’m one happy guy.

  • Heritage, Glover Park. It’s where all of my Indian friends like to go with their families. It’s delicious and has a gorgeous dining room.

  • Heritage in Glover Park or Nirvana.

  • I get delivery from Jyoti all the time – really good. Delhi Dhaba in Arlington is pretty solid also.

  • Jyoti is by far my favorite but is closely rivaled by Nirvana.
    Thanks for all the other suggestions–I’ll have to try out Heritage in Glover Park.
    I had no idea that Jyoti delivered–I wonder if they will come to Upshur Street?

  • Another vote for the Glover Park Heritage. Nothing else is quite as good. Honorable mention goes to White Tiger on capitol hill- takeout only! The service is bad and the metal tableware is reminiscent of a boy scout camp from 1972.

  • I’m surprised no one has mentioned Udipi Palace on University Blvd. in Langley Park. Great idlis, dosas, fresh juices and more. They also have a weekend buffet.

  • My wife swears by Bombay Gaylord in Silver Spring. She frequently craves it and makes the pilgrimage.

  • Indique Heights in chevy chase – One of the best Indian in town!

  • Also giving props to Tiffin .. just up New Hampshire Ave (then turning on University Blvd) from Petworth at the Takoma/Langley Crossroads

  • Rasika’s flash-fried spinach leaves are delicious, as is everything else I’ve tried there. My favorite hands-down!

  • I agree with a few who have all commented. Heritage in Glover Park.

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