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  • That’s the oven where I cook the babies and homeless people

  • Probably coal. In some parts of the country there were special doors for delivering blocks of ice, but I’ve never seen any in D.C.

  • Thank you Anonymous 12:11 for doing your part to thin the herds. Left unchecked, the rampant DC baby and homeless populations have strained our ecosystem to the point where strained carrots and Steel Reserve have been placed on the endangered species list.

  • Definitely for coal delivery.

  • That’s so wrong and inappropriate, but so so funny! Let’s be best friends anonymous, I’ll need the company in hell.

  • jimmy hoffa is in there.

  • are you sure it isn’t labelled “Mail”?

  • when i was a kid we used to always shovel out ash from that door thing, so i always thought that’s what it was for. The house i grew up in was built in 1992 (after coal delivery)

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