What the…Oh Man (Squeamish Scroll On)

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This scene felt very reminiscent of when I saw the hawk kill a pigeon. It was the same surreal scene that I glimpsed out of the corner of my eye. So my first thought was once again, what a bizarre spot for a lawn decoration, and damn is that realistic. I should add, I caught this sight at the tail end of my walkabout on Sat. when it was like 98 degrees, so I thought there was a significant possibility I was hallucinating. You see I had the bright idea of hydrating myself with one medium raspberry slush puppy over a five and half hour journey. But anyway, upon closer inspection I encountered a really sad scene. This was a six point buck (look closely under the bush) that was really a beautiful animal. It looked like he got stuck in the foliage and must of worn himself out to death trying to get free. Remember it was hot as hell. Very sad. I knocked on the door of the house to let them know but nobody answered. How the hell do you get a dead deer out of your yard anyway? Will the city do it? So for those who have an insatiable curiosity, like I, there is a closer shot I took when I was investigating after the jump.


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  • Deer are not trapped in foliage to the point of death – it probably had been hit by a car and found this woodsy spot to do its best to die hidden.

  • they should have him stuffed and use him as a coffee table!!

  • I hope you reported it to 311. I would hate to think the people in that house are away for a few days with a rotting carcass in the yard in this heat. I’m sure the city would remove it. I grew up in PA and that is a common site. AngryParakeet is right, it was probably hit by a car and hid there to die, sad.

  • Is this in woodley park? looks familiar. I see them on the other side of the fence on Cathedral ave all the time. Guess that one found a way around it. Do they cull deer in the park each year? Are there any estimates on how mnay deer are in the city? If culling does take place it would be cool if the meat was harvested and sold. I would like some Grade A DC Deer sausage.

  • Drag it into the street, then the city will take care of it…

  • Did anyone else flash back to The Godfather when they clicked on the jump?

  • ahahaha g-man! does that work for AC units and washers too?

  • i remember driving through georgetown once on a hot summer day in 2002.

    i stopped at a stop sign, happened to look up, and saw a squirrel jumping from a rooftop, trying to land on a branch of the nearest tree.

    it didn’t.

    it missed the branch, and i watched it fall and impale itself on one of the ‘arrow shaped skewers’ of the wrought iron fence surrounding the front yard.

    it landed on its back, and died instantly. it almost looked like it was sprawled out on a beach blanket, but….. with an arrow through its torso.

    it was very strange. i sat staring at it, until the car behind me started honking.

    nature is beautiful, but its also cruel.

  • wow poo poo….

    *single tear*

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