Was This An Elementary School Turning Condos?


I feel like I’ve read somewhere about city schools that have been closed have been sold to developers. Am I remembering this right? For the folks who live here is this an example? Anyone know the story on these particular condos?

So is it odd for a former school to be turned into condos or is that common?


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  • The developer’s website says it’s a turn of the century school being converted to 24 condo units.

  • 23 school buildings have been closed because of under-enrollment in the district, and plans have been released for ten of them, none of which are being developed into condos – the buildings and land will remain the property of the city. Most will be leased to charters or put to other use by the city. More here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/06/20/AR2008062002886.html

    I don’t believe this building was a school.

  • funny, if you look at their website it says Delivery in 2006, and then a few lines below, Delivery in 2007…not a good sign.

  • I live across the street from Parker Flats in Ledroit Park – http://www.parkerflats.com

    Beautiful condo conversion that the developers unfortunately finished right as the market fell apart. Very good deals to be had there now – not so much for the company that developed them.

  • Sorry, I meant above that it wasn’t one of the recently closed DCPS schools.

    There’s a beautiful building on 14th and Q that also seems like it was converted from a school house.

  • There are condos over on the Hill that used to be a school building and one in Adams Morgan that I know of as well.

  • I just now recognize this building…I used to bike by it all the time. I don’t think it’s a former school. I think it was an apartment building, and now has gone condo.

  • those have been on craigslist for ever, like 2 years at least

  • That’s right across from my house which I bought in 2006 – hoping for new neighbors in this cute condo that was just beginning to be renovated. (I looked up its records with the city and learned it was emptied as described in the WashPost article) So, oops, market changed and the developers apparently have given up, changed hands, they didn’t even plant posies this year. People have started using the property as a dump. 2 years ago they even had a model open that was very pretty but tiny.

  • By my count, there at least 13 former school buildings that have been turned into condos: six on Captiol Hill, two in Georgetown, and one each in Logan Circle, Adams Morgan, Ledroit Park, Eckington, and Southwest. This isn’t one of them to my knowledge. No schools have been sold to private developers for conversion to condos recently (the Parker Flats was bought by the developer from Howard University, which had previously purchased it from the District) and there probably won’t be in the forseeable future due to the law that now mandates charters be given first option on excess schools.

  • Unfortunate that these buildings could not be better used as public assets. They don’t have to be schools, but would function well as neighborhood community centers or arts centers or even live/work artist studios. Instead, just sold to the highest bidder to be divided into more over priced condos. What a waste and so typical of our developer-first mentality.

  • PoP – Some time back you asked if anyone knew of developers improving nearby less-than-pristine properties to enhance curb appeal – two years ago this Parkview developer (sorry, the developer of Parkview BEFORE this one) paid to paint the adjacent house and its trim – you can see a bit of that house peeking in the picture.

  • Wasn’t the building that’s been apartments for many years at the corner of Rhode Island Ave and 7th Street, once Shaw JHS? The current Shaw was probably built in the 70s and the building I’m referring to was definetely a school back in the day. Shameful Shaw?

  • These used to be rundown apts, then a developer bought it, started working on it and then suddenly stopped. They were showing a sample unit, w/ prices in the high $200 and mid $300s, not bad right? There was a catch…the two bedroom apts were 500 sq ft! no lie, the second bedroom was the size of a closet.

  • The stories about that place, when it was an active apartment building, are horrendous. One particularly nasty incident involved a prostitute being “disciplined” by her female pimp with a machete in there. Thugs dealing drugs, stolen property, and street justice out of the building, using it as a running pass-through (from front door to alley) to evade cops on the chase, etc…..

    In the last two years, apart from the model unit that was open, all that I can tell they’ve done is re-frame some windows. But even if they DID finish the project: Where are they all gonna park, eh? Unless they were planning to dig out the basement for a lot, which didn’t look likely.

    Either way, it would be nice to see the stupid thing finished. If at least to keep it from being used as an alley dump for everybody’s old urine-stained mattresses and household junk.

  • i had a reservation for one of the units in 8/2006…they said they would be ready by spring 2007…come spring, i cancelled my reservation due to zero movement…..so glad cause it’s almost two years later since i inquired. in 2006 their plan for the bldg was the typical dc renovation….small units, granite, stainless steel. nice. good prices…low 200k at the time for 1bedroom. sad to see it still sitting there.

  • When I was looking, I went over there for an advertised open house, but there was no one there. No open house! The same as the “MacMillan” condos offered by L&F. No one was answering the doorbell for the open house on a 90 degree day. I was so mad, started calling all the phone numbers and an agent finally came out of the building and treated me in a very derogatory manner, i.e. wouldn’t show the open house until I gave proof of my salary and funds despite the fact that I was working with a L&F agent.

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