Two Questions From A Reader Up in North Country

“First, I hear there is a program by which the District will give you a tree to plant, provided you agree to water and care for it, for two years. Do you know how to apply to this program?

Second, I caught part of a show on the radio in which I think the topic was city gardens, and how residents can rent plots to raise vegetables, etc. Is this true? What is the program?”

Anyone have some info on any of these programs?

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  • There was a program where you could get a $50 rebate for planting a shade tree (e.g., a maple or oak or other large tree, not cherries or other small flowering trees) on your property, offered through Casey Trees, but it expired on May 31. They may offer it again in the fall. It’s pretty risky to plant trees in the summer – early spring or in the fall is much better.

  • The city planted a tree on our property between the sidewalk and the street. It’s an elm. It took about 3 years for them to respond and plant the tree and my wife called many times about it.

  • My sister lives in Boston and she applied to get a plot in a community garden, so it is true. Don’t know anything about programs in dc though (there is some type of community garden thing on 14th and Taylor… drive by it daily).

  • Got this email today. It has info on renting plots:

    DPR Celebrates Summer Gardening – Community Garden Kick-Off this
    Saturday and Community Garden Plots Available for Reservation

    Media Contact Only: MosesAlexander Greene, (202) 673-7684

    The Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) will celebrate the
    summer gardening season with a Community Garden Kick Off event at the
    Twin Oaks Community Garden, 4025 14th St., NW, Saturday, May 31, from
    9 am – 1 pm. In addition, DPR will begin accepting permit
    applications for 60 community garden plots at two DPR locations.

    DPR staff will join Twin Oaks gardeners and the local community on
    Saturday, May 31, from 9 am to 1 pm, to meet and greet residents and
    discuss the roles they each serve in maintaining the community
    gardens. DPR and local community garden organizations will also be
    providing information about their summer programs.

    DPR has also made 60 community garden plots available for reservation
    at two DPR locations; 40 plots at Twin Oaks Garden, 4025 14th St.,
    NW, (202) 576-3253, and 20 plots at the Lederer Environmental
    Education Center, 4801 Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave., NE, (202) 727-

    Beginning Monday, June 2, 2008, applications for garden plots can be
    completed online on DPR’s website,, in the “Services”
    section, under “Permits and Reservations”.

    Community garden plots cost $20 per calendar year, per plot, and
    include usage of on-site tools and land.

    For More Information: Contact DPR Environmental Education: (202) 671-

  • I think we got one of those trees without asking. It just showed up in the planter between the sidewalk and the street one day about a year after the large dead shade tree that used to be there was removed. They hung a little sign on the tree that says “please water me”, asking people in the area to hit it with the hose when they water their front yards.

  • OP, you should look up Casey Trees. You may have missed the May 31 deadline, but they have been very generous with their tree-planting advice. They were funded by a DOE grant to give away shade trees to be planted on private property in DC. Many of us got free trees at that point (as well as free tree-gators). Mine is growing beautiful new green leaves every day! If they have some extra trees, they may be able to help you out.

  • DC Urban Gardeners ( has a pretty good list of all the neighborhood community gardens and what the requirements are for getting a plot.

  • Casey Trees does this. Check it out.

  • Just email someone at Casey Trees and ask if they’ll let you do the rebate program even though it’s technically over. They are pretty nice. Also, I went to a seminar about tree planting and then received a free tree as long as a promised to take care of it. So far I have received two trees from Casey Trees in the last 8 months.

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