Tina Visits Ercilias Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant

Photo credit to to “Angela N.” from yelp.com.

When I first moved to Mount Pleasant last summer I spent some time scoping out the main drag and was pretty excited to see all the different restaurants lining the street. I had just moved down the hill from Cleveland Park – which is also full of options – but this was totally different. There are no less than 15 restaurants on Mount Pleasant Street, many of which offer some assortment of Mexican and or Salvadoran food. This is my favorite kind of food, so I was anxious to try these places out, and my friends and I talked about organizing our own “Mount Pleasant Restaurant Week.” I’m not quite sure what happened, but this never actually got off the ground. I think I ate a few pupusas, maybe a taco or two, and then found my favorite joints and didn’t do a whole lot of exploring. So, as you may be beginning to notice, “our intern in Mount Pleasant” has decided to use this experience as an opportunity to conduct her own neighborhood restaurant tour. In the next few weeks I’ll try and switch things up a bit, but on the whole you can expect a lot more of these. This week – Ercilia’s!

Right at the intersection of Mount Pleasant and Irving Streets, Ercilia’s Restaurant is home to some delicious, authentic, and pretty cheap Salvadoran and Mexican cuisine. Oddly enough, they offer Italian fare as well. I’m not really sure how that fits into the selection but unfortunately I don’t speak very good Spanish, and the man behind the counter didn’t seem to speak very good English. So, the notion that people like spaghetti and meatballs might have to be enough of an explanation for that one.

I settled on three beef tacos and my friend chose a bean and cheese pupusa and a vegetarian taco. Even though they weren’t too busy, we did have to wait kind of a while for our food to be prepared. This was a little annoying, but if you don’t have someone to chat with, there’s a pretty good chance that you will become enthralled in whatever telenovela or Spanish talk show is playing on the TV set. Or maybe you can ponder why it’s June and the place is still decorated with Christmas stockings?! Anyhow, aside from the long-ish wait, I’d say the food was really good and the options are plentiful. I wasn’t blown away, but we both left satisfied and with our bellies full!

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  • The Sopa de Mariscos is quite good on the occasions that I’ve tasted it. Very full of fresh tasting seafood. I have to agree with the wait issue.

  • I wrote this place off after going there once two years ago, but went back pretty recently and was pleasantly surprised. I got a delicious chile relleno (not filled with cheese alone, but meat, veggies, spices), and the best fried yuca I have had outside of Central America. It was perfectly crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They also have tasty chicharrones (fried pork bits – another bar food staple in Central America). And you can get the ultimate yuca and chicharrones combo for like $3.50.

  • They take their sweet time, the horchata is pretty tasty there, but the food tends to be hit or miss. Dona Azuela in *shudders* Arlington off route 50 and Columbia Pike is far superior in pretty much every way except for location.

  • Best Mexican in D.C. is the D.F. on 14th Street north of the Tivoli for the cheap eats and Casa Oaxaca in Adams Morgan for fancy stuff.

  • I found D.F. extremely friendly and inedibley dry.

  • DCDireWolf, Ercilias is absolutely not Mexican food. Who cares where you go for that food?

  • Every time I’ve gone to Ercilia’s, I’ve had an inordinately long wait for the food. Maybe I was just unlucky, maybe that’s par for the course?

  • Posts by PoP are concise and posts by interns are wordy. Is this deliberate?

  • Love the sopa de mariscos . . . I have had to wait quite a bit for it, however the memorable moment for me in the blizzard of ’96 was hiking out to see if they were open & serving & they were. For the really great pupusas, however, I gotta say the Pupusa Lady who used to roll around in the general 14th Street corridor, with her little cart, was the unbelievably good. But I haven’t seen her in ages.

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