Time to Play Good Deal or Not Fantasy Edition Part II


This is a ridiculously cool house, check out the detail up top. It is one of those houses you walk by and think I can’t believe people actually live here.  It is located at 1311 Irving St, NW.  It has 5 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms and 1 half bath.  The remarks say: High ceilings, exposed brick, wood floors, gas fire place, skylights…Gourmet eat in kitchen, cherry cabinets, high end appliances, deck, garage, and an English basement unit (the flier says the basement can rent for $1400 a month)…  And the asking price is – $1,129,000.

So good deal or not? If anyone finds a link to photos of the inside please post in the comments.  At the very least check out the coolest birdbath in town after the jump.


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  • Awfully pretty, but its been on the market for 91 days and they’ve already lowered the price.


  • 91 days isn’t long for a $1MM property. In fact, 91 days isn’t long for a $200K property.

  • Right, but considering they’ve already lowered the price, I’m wondering if those are just really great photos, and it doesn’t show as well in person, or they’re super motivated to sell. I would think that is a very fair price based on the description and pictures.

    I’d buy it, but my check would bounce.

  • I’ve walked through during an open house – it’s beautiful but the kitchen has a terrible layout. Not worth the asking price.

  • In the past three months, all four $500-600 houses on my Hill East block sold within a month. But those were the asking prices, the real prices haven’t shown up on the DCRA website yet. And that kitchen really is a complete waste of space and needs to be re-done, so you can knock at least $60k off the asking price for that.

  • $999,000 is more likely for this property. There are many similiar houses on the market now for right around the $1m mark, and this shares more in common with those in the high 900s than the low million. I wonder if the basement is currently rented, and at what price (rather than the “could be rented at” price…the bother of gettind rid of a tenant not willing to pay market may push the “value” of the basement apartment income down).

  • Agree with Anon at 12:38. This needs to be under a million to move.

  • Did someone really write “Hill East” ?

  • The house I rent in just sold for about that much in Mt. Pleasant and that house only has 3 bedrooms (and I rent 1 of them) so IN COMPARISON it seems like a pretty good deal. However, I think my new landlords may have overpaid. Yeah.

  • I don’t even know what or where Hill East is.

  • Hill East is the area east of Capitol Hill proper, approximately bounded by 12th St on the west, the Anacostia on the east, H Street on the north, and I-395 on the south. It has a Harris Teeter, three Metro stops and some moderately overpriced real estate.

  • And Trinidad is Capitol Hill North.
    Seriously, nice try.

  • No, Hill East is a common term for the area I described. To my knowledge it doesn’t replace another neighborhood name. I think H St is a little high, though, so I would say maybe it just refers to the part in Southeast.

  • Isn’t that part of the city being called “NoMa” now? Not that I like that any better, but with Artomatic and the NoMa BID it’s gained a little traction.

    It’s amazing to me that people can conceive the difference between a $999K property and a $1.12 mil property. I mean, I know the scale exists, my brain just doesn’t function in that dimension.

  • Hill East is a term “common” among people who recently purchased property in that area. I’ll grant you that. No argument there.
    The term Hill East did not rear its asinine head until the developers of Jenkins Row/Harris Teeter started using it to sell their condos. So some folks fell for the marketing and bought condos in that soulless void of a monstrosity and then embraced the term. So, fine, it’s a common term. It’s only been around for about fifteen minutes, but it’s common. You win.

    This is really not surprising, though. Look through real estate listings and you’ll see all kinds of creative redefining of neighborhoods. Aside from Hill East and the ridiculous NoMa, I’ve also seen SoFlo (South of Florida…really???) and my personal favorite: Greater Capitol Hill. This last one was used to describe a house smack dab in the middle of the Rosedale neighborhood (incidentally within your “Hill East” boundaries so, yes, it is replacing an existing name). Then again, if I had read last week’s article in the post about Rosedale, I’d call it something else if I were trying to sell a house, too:


    You also mention that “Hill East” has three Metro stops. Name them.
    Your boundaries would include Stadium-Armory and Potomac Avenue. Is there a new Hill East Metro stop open that the rest of us are unaware of? PLEASE don’t tell me you’re trying to include Eastern Market.

  • I might have known I would offend someone from West Old Central Hill Heights Old West whatever. If you don’t think the neighborhood exists than you can hardly blame me for imprecision about its boundaries. But, for whoever it was who had never heard of “Hill East” and didn’t know where it refers to: the jerk from Exactly Capitol Hill is correct: the neighborhood-that-isn’t-named-“Hill East” has two metro stops.

    Nice to know about Rosedale, though.

  • Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart? Is that you? “I shall not today attempt to further define the neighborhood of Hill East, but I know it when I see it.”

    Thanks for making it personal, though. You’re a class act. I apologize for trying to close some of the gaping holes in your “facts”. My bad.

    I never questioned your right to call your neighborhood whatever makes you feel good. I think it’s cute. But I reserve the right to laugh at your desperate need to identify with a marketing ploy.

    And I don’t live on Exactly Capitol Hill. My real estate agent told me my neighborhood is called Narnia. I paid him extra, ’cause now I feel all good inside.

  • And Isherwood?

  • Ooooooh! The pic remind me. I looked at that place when it first came on the market. I’m not looking for a $1m place, but we just hopped through an open house. It really is beautiful — it shows nice, I think. It’s quite big, and the bathrooms are wonderful. The kitchen is an odd layout, I think I remember thinking that, but it’s not terrible. But I guess at that price it better be exactly what you want.
    I do remember, though, that there is a tenant that conveys. But he might be month to month. So whatever they say the basement will rent for, it does.

  • Jerk: You may be a very nice person, but in this matter your tone is that of an obnoxious pedant. You could lighten up a little, or you could go fight your battles with the 1,433 self-identified members of this group:


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