The Ombudsman Feels Compelled To Respond

A commenter wrote the following about yesterday’s post on Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton:

““One cool Congresswoman”? Please. She’s a disgrace. Let’s stick to the hipster blogging and leave political commentary to those who know something about it.”

Well, sir or madam if you look at the photo of Congresswoman Norton her arms are crossed and she is obviously chilly. Thus the title, “One Cool Congresswoman” was merely referring to the fact that she was feeling cool. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

“Let’s stick to the hipster blogging”. Well, I’ve been waiting a year and a half to be called a hipster blogger and I can only respond thank you. For the past year and a half I’ve been wearing exclusively puma hoodies in winter and summer, riding a 10 speed bike with only one working gear, reading books that I don’t understand and listening to terribly obscure music that I don’t even enjoy. Until today I thought it was all for naught. So thank you dear sir or madam for recognizing who I really am. I tip my camouflage hat to you.

“Leave political commentary to those that know something about it”. I knew when I asked the Congresswoman what neighborhood she lived in that I’d have to deal with accusations like this one. When I wrote that the Congresswoman grew up on Kenyon Street I nearly deleted the entire post. For I suspected that I’d be labeled a wannabe political hack. And there is nothing that upsets an aspiring hipster more than being labeled a wannabe political hack. But damn it, sometimes you can’t sit on the truth even if it is as controversial as reporting that the Congresswoman currently lives on Capitol Hill. I, sir or madam, would not have been able to live with myself. Please forgive the brief reply but I’m late for a show at the Rock and Roll Hotel.

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  • Applause for the reply *and* the Puma hoodies . . . blog on, hipster dude.

  • I’ve met and researched and taught students about a majority of the 535 other Congressional representatives and Holmes Norton is like in the top 1% regarding integrity, accountability to her constituents, intelligence and honesty.

    As for hipster blogging, thankfully I’ve been spared that insult. Or maybe not thankfully? Not sure…?

  • Pwnd.

    I think that’s what the kids call it these days.

  • nice one PoP. But I do have to say these ‘Ombudsman’ posts just feel like a mailbag to me. If it were really followed the spirit of an ‘Ombudsman’ wouldn’t a neutral appointed person/party be responding to the criticisms on your behalf? But no matter what you call it I do think it’s a worthwhile outlet.

  • So that’s what a hipster is. I thought there was some aspect of talking about what incredibly cool Belgian Beer you were drinking. On the other hand arn’t you technically too old to be a hippster? I thought there was somekind of age limit attached to it.

  • That’s why there are “ageing” hipsters.

  • Are there aging yuppies? Or are they just old?

  • Since yuppies stands for young urban professionals, I’d say there are no old yuppies. Not sure there is an age limit to hippsters though. I mean, if you’re still hip, well then….

  • I wouldn’t say there is an absolute age limit, but you have to be able to peddle a fixed speed bike- preferably a Bianchi (because your food must be local, but your bikes should be shipped from Italy). So- I’d guess that somewhat filters out *most* of the older folks.

  • Do people with fancy Italian scooters qualify as hipsters? Or are they euro wannabes? So many ways to slice and dice this. On the upside, I guess I am niether a hipster as my american made moutain bike is fully functional and I suspect at 40, I am not longer considered young and probably am not so up and coming any more, so that drops me from yuppie status. Yeah! Guess I am just a middle age fart now. I guess I am eligible for a mid life crises and a cool Porsche!

  • Hipsters are just yuppies who don’t want to be yuppies.

    Now, Mike Jantz listening, PBR from-the-can drinking, blog commenting hipsters represent y’all!

  • Hipsters = yuppies without the pastels.

  • You’re all dirty hipsters, the Red Derby? Give me a break. You live in trashball neighborhoods and love rowhouses.

  • Hipsters would be yuppies, if they had white-collar, 9-5 jobs; engaged in the occasional athletic endeavor; wore clothes that don’t make passersby question “Hipster or Homeless?”; and stopped trying so hard to be weirdos. Oh, and received their news from the news media, and not apolitical neighborhood bloogers.

  • Danny – using CP’s definition, I would qualify to be a Yuppie – but I am too old. But I have a nasty row house (my wife’s definition). Where do I call on the goofy urban social class categorization spectrum? I just don’t know where I fit. Jeeze! I need to make an appointment to see my theropist….I feel so left out and lonely!

  • CP is right, but there are many factors in this equation. For example, your home and neighborhood and your watering hole reek of hipsterdom. But it’s really about your sensibilities. Many of the hipsters in this town are very resentful people, they hate the even marginally wealthy, private schools, and republicans. They are incredibly closed minded folk who would probably let someone die before sacrificing their My Bloody Valentine vintage tshirt. Granted, I am sure they have 9-5 jobs, they might even put on a buttondown, but my perfect example of the hipsters are the dirty (and by this I mean they don’t take care of their acne and they are like 25), marginally schooled, columbia heights living, white kids who hang out the red derby and wonderland – they probably play kickball and love living in a gritty neighborhood because they wouldn’t want to appear like they are middle class in the least. These people love the green line, and shun the other neighborhoods of the city and they sure as hell love bicycles but they don’t care about saving the environment in any way. They are slugs and they occupy the trashball neighborhoods of this city and are disdainful of all gentrification. Does that sort of answer your question?

  • Danny, you are giving the hipsters too much credit. Columbia Heights has a Target and a Bed Bath and Beyond. A gritty neighborhood where houses sell for $600,000? These hipsters, by and large, wouldn’t dare to live in a “real” gritty neighborhood. 11th Street Northwest: Cool address. 13th Street Northeast: Not cool despite proximity to Rock & Roll Hotel.

    Though it is true, they are disdainful of gentrification while simultaneously jumping on the bandwagon. They will only move into any given neighborhood six months after at least eight homosexual white men have moved there, establishing it’s coolness and relative safety.


    Live on 11th Street: +5
    White: +1
    Own my home: -4
    Work 9-5: -3
    Hang out at Wonderland and Red Derby: +5
    Do not own a fixie: -2
    Shower daily: -2
    Own two cars: -5
    No tattoos: -2
    Hipster rating: -7

    Shit. I got to find a new ‘hood.

  • hahhahaha.

    “Hang out at Wonderland and Red Derby: +5”
    “Own my home: -4” and “Shower daily(!!!!!!???): -2”


    classic… oh man. funny stuff.

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