The Down Side Of Owning A Home


So for some odd reason I went into a closet the other day that I never go into. I noticed that there was some paint cracking which I thought was odd. I went to investigate and it peeled right off like a warm piece of string cheese. I knew this was not a good sign. It turns out I had a small crack in my roof and slowly water was coming into a closet. Christ, I don’t know when I last went into that closet but it was a good year or so. What would of happened if I didn’t go into that closet for another year, I shudder to think about it. So the roof part was easy to fix. And by easy to fix, I mean it was easy for my contractor to fix it. But the closet, ah the closet. That took a bit more time. The contractor had to completely break it down, take out the plaster, and rebuild it with drywall. You see these old houses have plaster instead of drywall. Let me just say it is a messy business. It has taken the contractor over 12 hours and counting to fix. Crazy. You wake up one morning and the next thing you know you are $750 lighter in the pocket. This great book I’m reading about a house renovation (I plan on posting about it Monday when I finish it) says that home projects will be completed when you are dead or you sell the house. I understand what he means now. I’ve just spotted a new crack…

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  • Sorry about that unexpected surprise. I just can’t believe you have a closet that you never use! Such a luxury!

    You should definitely mention that during any/all first dates.

  • yes i am also feelin the pain of cracks in the wall..but all is fixed, but money wise oh the sadness…its interesting how u have extra closet space and i need extra closet space…lol!! 🙂

  • ugh, that’s half the reason i’m TERRIFIED to ever own a home. but i guess the downside of renting is that, to get something like that fixed, i’d have to twist my landlord’s arm for a good month or two. *sigh*

  • Are you just trying to make those of us in tiny condos feel bad because you have an extra closet????????????

  • agree with Parkwood Person and ColHeightsChic!

    But, on another topic, if you have ever been to the U-Store facility on Georgia and Upshur (someone with multiple closets probably has never darkened its door) — there is a band that practices in a warehouse over there at night, and they sound pretty good!

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    I have a similar problem! Would you recommend me your contractor? I need the roof fix in particular. You could email me offline in the interest of reducing spambot interception. thanks!

  • On the other hand, new closet!

    Seriously, though, I’m nine months into owning a house and I actually lie awake at night thinking of what I might need to repair or replace.

    Hang in there.

  • Similar thing happened to us. Woke up one morning with water dripping into our bedroom because a gutter had rusted through on the interior. Surprise!! Despite the consistent headaches, and they have been consistent, for me homeownership has been worth it. It’s nice to have total control over just the smallest slice of my life.

  • Seriously PoP, if you only go into that closet once a year, why spend that much money on the repairs? You should have left it there with your skeletons.

  • This happend to me as well. It was raining one night and I went into my sunroom that I rarely go in when not using because of the extra heat that it collects, anyways the top right corner wall was cracked and the dry wall was bulging out and water was running down the entire inside of the wall onto my books and floor. I spent the next 2 hours removing everything from there. It turns out that the gutter right on the corner was clogged by a giant vine that just took over and the water didn’t have anywhere to go but in. It has since been fixed but what a pain!

  • We had dreams of building a walk-out deck from our second floor…we had estimates, we put aside the money…we were mere days away from giving the contractor the go-ahead…then the rain came. Our roof, after never dripping a drop, failed in four, five, more places, soaking the ceiling plaster and dripping in left and right. So, the next week, the contractor came, ripped the roof off of my house and replaced it, and fixed the plaster damage. Watertight and snug, now. Amount left in the deck fund? $43.00. I hate owning a home, sometimes.

  • PoP,

    I had the same thing happen back in May when it poured like Noah was in business again. I decided to do the repair myself but the problem with that is finding the time! Granted, the roof itself was the first thing I fixed and the many rains we’ve had since then have given me the confidence that the roof itself is fixed. Now, I need to be home long enough to fix the ceiling and the floor!

  • houses are like fitted sheets. you get three sides down, then one pops up… there’s always something ….

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