That Must’ve Been One Hell of a Throw

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I don’t support the marking of territory with shoes. But I have to give credit where credit is due, this has got to be a one in a hundred shot.

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  • I heard these are the shoes of someone who was murdered by a gang related incident.

  • Please Kalia, please confirm that you’re joking and not taking that UL seriously?!

  • I’ve heard that the shoes indicate it’s a place to buy drugs. I’m sure there’s some sort of territory meaning also associated.

  • This is one of those great DC urban legends. All it means is someone threw a pair of shoes up in the air. Yes, sometimes someone was beaten up and robbed of their shoes, but more often than not some kid just got a new pair of shoes & decided to chuck the old ones up in a tree/over a wire/etc. More silly urban gang legends here:

  • There’s another pair at 9th & Upshur. It doesn’t seem to be a gang heavy area in my experience.

    Except for that time that I got jumped into a gang there, against my will, and was forced to beat up a little old lady and steal her shoes. (They didn’t have laces though, so instead of the toss-up option, I just dropped them at the donation box down the street.)

  • I wish they could throw all their trash in up in the air and it would stay there instead of on the ground. Or better yet, throw the people that throw the shoes/trash up in the air and hope they never come down.

  • I thought that they were a sign that someone had gotten out of the ‘hood.

  • i hear folk throw em up there whenever an herb tries to show cred

  • i hear folk throw em up there whenever an herb tries to show cred

    Huh? What did I do?

  • When the Greatest American Hero changes clothes and starts to fly. He often gets his shoes caught as he takes off.

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