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Very subtle. If you lived in a row house and a row house next door to you were converted into a church, would you be pissed?

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  • I recently moved into a rowhouse in Capitol Hill next to a rowhouse Baptist church. At first, we were apprehensive. On the day of our home inspection, a Sunday in early March, it was really quite loud, even with all their windows closed. But we haven’t noticed it since moving in, and with our windows closed for the AC in the summer, we probably won’t ever hear the church without going outside.

    The only issue, a minor one, is that it can be hard to park on Sundays (the services go into the afternoon) because of all the churchgoers (most with Maryland plates, natch).

  • Ask the folks who live on Otis and Holmead…. I guess it would depend on the style of church. And by “style” I mean volume/skill level of the singers.

  • Churches are bad bad neighbors. If they were clubs or bars, they would be in violation of many of the ordinances that bars and clubs “voluntarily” agree to.

  • In San Francisco I lived next door to an underground church — literally. It seemed like a standard Latino Christian service… but people would enter through the ally between our houses and go into the basement. And sing and sing and preach. It was brutal for hangovers, but, to each his own.

  • yes, i would be pissed because of the noise. i know it’s called devotional singing but not right next to where i live and not at a time of my own choosing. i sometimes pass by 10th or 11th and v or w streets and there are some adorable condos and similar developments there and there is a church. and, omg, on sunday it is like a christian rock concert well into the afternoon. i would think i made a very bad investment if i lived there and i would never hold an open house on sunday once i decided to sell the property.

  • I would be hella pissed!

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