Scuttlebutt of the Week: Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Edition

Lots of good scuttlebutt to report. Firstly, I have been tipped by a very reliable source that within three to six weeks there will be a major announcement by the DC USA complex in Columbia Heights. That announcement is – Elwood Thompson’s grocery store will in fact be opening up! Secondly, it is likely that the Ross Dress For Less Store will no longer be coming to DC USA. Thirdly, and I think New Columbia Heights heard this rumor as well, REI is still very seriously considering opening a store in the DC USA complex. Holy sweet that would be awesome. Now I think it will be helpful if they receive encouragement via email. So definitely comment here if you’d like to see an REI but also make sure to contact REI directly here.

I had some false info about the Five Guys Opening last week (scuttlebutt accuracy down to 96%).  But I am 99.9% sure they will be opening this Tuesday at 11am!

And sadly Colorado Kitchen has served its last dinner Sat. night and it’s last brunch on Sun.

But hey Elwood Thompson’s Grocery store is coming and with some luck so will REI!

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  • RE: Colorado Kitchen: good riddance. The food was good but the staff were unbelievably rude. A restaurant that can’t even be polite to customers doesn’t deserve to stay open.

  • I agree with Katie. We went once but really weren’t impressed.

  • Oh my oh my oh my!!! I hope your accuracy on Ellwoods in particular is 1000%!! It would fantastic to have that option to go along with Giant (and sometimes Target for dry stuff) and the small latin markets up 14th!

  • would be very happy to see REI come there!

  • Colorado Kitchen will be reopening in Forest Glen and Takoma, according to an email I got from the owners. I loved the place. I never really experienced terrible service, maybe because I don’t really require that much.

    Three pre-cheers for Ellwood Thompson’s! And REI would be a great addition as well.

  • Yay for REI and Ellwood Thompsons!

  • This might be a stupid question, but what in the world are Ellwood Thompson and REI??? I feel incredibly out the loop. Is this a grocery store like a Giant or Safeway, or more like a Whole Foods?

  • Ellwood is something, I think (never been as they are AFAIK only in Richmond), along the lines of “local Whole Food/Trader Joe’s” (hopefully also a bit more “local” in their product selection than either of the two).

    REI is an outdoor clothing (and some gear? also have never been to a store) company with AFAIK a lof online sales as well.

  • Google is your friend. 🙂 But REI is an outdoor gear store similar to Hudson Trail Outfitters (there’s one of them in Tenleytown). I’m not personally familiar with Ellwood Thompson’s (I gather that it’s more on the Whole Foods end of things, with a focus on local produce and meat) but anything that would relieve the pressure at that Giant is excellent news to me.

  • REI is pure awesome. It is a great all around outdoor recreational equipment store. It’s a co-op, and from Seattle. Compared to a big box sports store, they sell higher end and more technical stuff. But- it’s never going to replace the local specialty bike shop (or other specialty sport store). Its a great place if you want nicer stuff, but don’t want/need, or are intimidated by the attitude of smaller sport-specific stores.

  • I love REI, and have been a member for ~ 20 years. However, I’m not sure that I see them doing brisk business here – at least not with their normal deployment of climbing gear, kayak, and gas stoves. Maybe they have a store selection for stuff that is more in demand in an urban environment, I don’t know. If you want a kayak, you probably have a car, and probably don’t mind driving to the MD or VA locations.

    Again, I’d be happy to see them. I’m just not sure that it’s the best move on their part.

  • M. – Are you kidding? REI will sell tons of North Face gear if they open here. Their bicycle section usually kinda sucks though, plus we already have City Bikes & the Bike Rack nearby -a little rough for them having big corporate REI inching in on them. Hey! Maybe a gun shop will open up! [just kidding 🙂 a poke at GforGood]

  • Grrr.. ontarioroader, don’t poke too hard, who knows, I might have excercised my constituational right already and will come after you.. if you break into our house that is! 😀

  • I walked by the 5 guys again today. It looks ready to open, but nothing to indicate when. It’s actually looked ready for a while, but especially now.

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