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  • get thorny ones…?

  • Yeah, it’s an issue.

    The storage/Budget Truck Rental at Upshur and Kansas had the entire plant stolen out of one of their planters.

    My wife was told by a neighbor that the flower thieving picks up around Mother’s Day. Aww… isn’t that sweet?

  • My former principal at a nearby school once informed us that a whole bunch of plants and shrubs had been stolen over a weekend from right in front of the playground. That was the first time I had ever heard about flower stealing, which seems to be more and more of an issue.

  • Word is somebody caught a thief stealing a rose bush and interdicted to obtain and return said rosebush to the neighbor. I don’t think any further action occured.

  • my old neighbors had their new sod rolled up and stolen in the middle of the night…

  • not u prince..u rock…but these flower thieves should be stoned, i mean with rocks, not with….well, you know. absolutely pathetic. If you see anyone stealing flowers or bushes, take a pic and call the cops.

  • Don’t believe the florist when he tells you that the roses are free

    obligatory Ween quote.

  • I have had potted plants stolen off my front porch a few times – not a simple endeavor, since I live on a corner, and my porch doesn’t have stair access, only doors from the inside, so they scaled the fence and made off with my ferns and others.

    Interestingly, I believe that most of said plant theivery occurred right before Mothers Day, which makes me think it was lazy kids grabbing something for mama. At least it was well-intentioned (or so I assure myself).

    I have pioneered a few ways of preventing future theft, affixing my pots and plants in a variety of ways. Yes, Kalia, thorns help – roses, cacti, etc are good deterrents. My other methods are subject to need-to-know restrictions …;-)

  • I really should be posting this anonymously… I must admit to the occasional spontaneous flower picking whenst walking with a ‘special lady friend’ (obligatory lebowski quote). Honestly, I meant no harm by it and to your benefit the flowers are generally well recieved and well rewarded. I’ll be sure to leave an IOU in the future.

  • i once caught a girl picking some flowers from a neighbor and i told her she should be ashamed, that she was stealing from everyone’s enjoyment, and from the hard labor my neighbor had done. she was so shocked by my reaction, that i am sure she has never picked a flower from someone’s yard again.

  • Twice bushes have been dug up and taken from a tree box near my house. And I really neeed to stop posting/commenting on tree boxes. It is starting to scare me.

  • i saw two guys at about 4:30 on tuesday of this week. they stopped their truck on about 3rd and G st, NE and dug out all the plants in a flower box on the street. i stopped and gave them an evil glance and picked my phone up to call 311, and they just went their merry way. they were out of there in about 5 minutes with three really pretty plants….

  • We had flowers stollen from the foot of the yard around mother’s day for the past two years. This didn’t surprise me since the lazy thieves didn’t even have to bend over due to the height of front yard/retaining wall. Then when things started disappearing from the porch I got a camera. Turns out a neighbor and her friend were the thieves.

  • Poo Poo- theft is a 911 call.

    The plant thieves prey on gentrifiers. Maybe around 1996 I heard two 30-something men share stories of not bothering to buy anything for their mom because the white people leave the plants out on their porch for anyone to take.

    Do not call these thieves kids. They are almost definitely older than 21.

  • I dunno about Rogues, I mean there’s not much gp value in flowers. Maybe it’s a Druid?

    /DnD geekage

  • I opened my front door to get my paper one morning, to see that the pot containing my flowers was empty–someone had ripped it out and there were clumps of dirt on the sidewalk. This was in Logan.

  • you guys should booby trap your potted plants

  • We’ve had flowers dug up and stolen from our flower beds in front of our condo on a regular basis. Kind of a bummer.

  • its pretty bad when you have to worry about some jackass taking your pansies… im going to work on a way to hook up a taser to my rosebushes…

    does anyone know if its legal to own (and possibly use) weapons like that in dc? tasers, pepper spray, paintball guns.. i mentioned it to someone and they were like i dont think you can do that’… i dont see why the hell not though…

  • I’ve had a potted plant taken off my front porch – and this was just a week ago. Neighbors have told me that they steal them and then re-sell them. My own fault, it was a night where I forgot to turn on the porchlight. But now I actually go through the effort to bring the plants and flowers inside before I leave for work. How stupid is it that I have to do that? ‘Effin Petworth.

  • I had someone steal my little cucumber seedlings off my front steps. WTF? They weren’t even planted yet.

  • cristobal, no tasers, don’t think any paintball guns, and maybe not even bb guns. but wait until the supreme court decision on it this summer/fall on the gun ban – we might get a reversal.

    Believe me, when I eventually own my own place in town, it’ll be in a sketchy part of the city. i fully plan on getting a shotgun permit and spending an afternoon cleaning it on my porch, just so’s the local 19yo high school freshmen get the hint.

  • woot! i hope DC opens some firing ranges after we get our second ammendment rights reinstated!

  • Someone is stealing my glads as they bloom. They prefer the pink shades. Soon as a stalk blooms, by morning it’s gone and I’m getting fed up with it. I have a string of jingle bells, soon as the next glad blooms I’ll be putting on the bells before going to bed. Hopefully my large German shepherd will hear it with those radar screens that pass for ears then she and I will chase the bastards down the street. I will honestly make a citizen’s arrest, I’m sick of this.

    Linda from Santa Cruz, CA

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