Remember All the Outrage Over the Broken Fire Hydrants?


Well I saw a number of them this weekend that still had these signs and are apparently broken. Are we going to have to wait for the next fire before we become outraged or is the city going to fix these anytime soon?  Let our memories not be too short…

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  • Here’s a question – if the hydrant is clearly non-functional, is it ok to park in front of it?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Awesome. Brilliant non violent protest.

  • i’m gonna guess that Ddot would happily ticket you for parking in front of any hydrant

  • DCFD now has maps and get regular radio announcements of disabled and repaired hydrants. There are city/WASA crews out almost daily repairing and testing water flow from hydrants – that’s what those reflective bands of varying colors you see on hydrants indicate. Do NOT park in front of any hydrant – you’ll block repair/test crews, but that’s an easy fix:

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