Probably Not A Good Sign

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We’ve seen vines growing on rowhouses before but have you ever seen a tree growing out of a rowhouse?

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  • when i bought my first home in geogetown, the house next door had been vacant for years and had a tree growing out of the first floor, through the bathroom, and out the side of the house. total height of the thing was about 20 feet. the trunk was about 6 inches in diameter. it broke through brick, and wreaked all kinds of havoc. eventually, a savvy real estate person approached the owner, and offered $170k for the three story 1000 square foot joint, and the owners took it. that was in ’99 in lower georgetown near the harbor (on cecil place). i never would have thought that that area today would have a park, a movie theater, etc. ten years ago, it was a very different place.

    but yeah, trees like that will destroy a house – even if some do think it’s ‘cute’.

  • Checkout the vacant building at 4024 14th ST NW- one tree in front and a larger one in back

    really wish Muriel Browser would fix this eyesore

  • who would you call to get rid of something like this? a contractor? landscaper? both?!? we had a mysterious vine growing up through our addition on the back of the house, peeping through in the window casements and reappearing on the roof…it was pretty major… we had the gutters cleaned and they took out some of it, but i dont think its all gone..any suggestions?

  • Jack: Where are you?
    Jill: I’m driving down your street. Which house is yours?
    Jack: That’s easy. It’s the shoddy-looking crap-hole with a tree growing out of the wall.
    Jill: I think it’s time we see other people.

    Just sayin.

  • Ha! 5th street, just north of Q? I was actually thinking of buying that place before I refocused on Petworth. It did sell late last year and I saw a little bit of work being done, but I would have thought the new owners would have addressed that tree by now!

  • Yep.. If the folks living in that house own the house.. one really does have to wonder.

  • WTF.

  • My girlfriend owns a place in Petworth and there’s water damage on the living room wall. The condo association has taken so long to fix it that a mushroom sprouted out of it the other day. Let’s hope there’s no tree seeds in there. And to see my cartoons click on my name link.

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