Pretty Warped

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what is this statement saying? This is just wrong.

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  • El Guapo: Oh-ho, you…
    Dusty Bottoms: Jose!
    [the bandidos cheer]
    El Guapo: Together, we…
    Dusty Bottoms: Burned the village!
    El Guapo: Burned the village!
    [the bandidos cheer]
    El Guapo: And, uh…
    Dusty Bottoms: [trilling the “r”] … rrrrrrrrraped de horses!
    [the bandidos cheer]
    El Guapo: And we…
    Dusty Bottoms: Rode off on de wimmin!
    El Guapo: Rode off on de wimmin!
    [the bandidos cheer, a bit more quietly]
    El Guapo: And uh…
    Dusty Bottoms: Plundered!
    El Guapo: Plundered!
    [the bandidos cheer]
    El Guapo: And uh…
    Dusty Bottoms: Pruned!
    El Guapo: …pruned the, uh…
    Dusty Bottoms: Hedges!
    El Guapo: …hedges of…
    Dusty Bottoms: Many small villages!

  • “Not only am I cute, I also have bodies in my trunk”

  • the driver of that SUV is a hard-core chick

  • huh? saben que en este barrio se ven guapas y guapos por todos lados…how gangster is this? :} very creepy good luck not getting shot at around the neighborhood.

  • Clearly, her looks kill.

  • maybe the driver is a he and his car is the she…and she is la guapa?

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