PoP’s War On Squirrels – Porch Edition


After a lull in battles from the infamous car fiasco the squirrels have launched their Summer offensive on PoP headquarters. As I came home last night this squirrel was all sprawled out, just chilling. And daring me to do something. So I of course walked right up expecting him to flee the moment I got close. Ah, but these are a special breed of squirrel. They are fearless. This one scooted around the corner of the porch and as I followed this was the scene:


I am embarrassed to admit, but, I retreated. Damn that’s squirrels two – PoP zero.

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  • Aww, he is so cute all sprawled out like that! I want a pet squirrel.

  • Looks like he is keeping his belly cool by laying on the pole!

  • ive been keeping my belly cool by rolling my wife beater up over it so it can feel the breeze 🙂

  • I hate squirrels! I used to have one that came around every day for a year that I named Evil. They dig up my flower boxes no matter what I do (coffee grounds, hot pepper, having cats)! They are totally fearless and just won’t leave me alone! I dislike them more than rats.

  • As your attorney, I advise you to get a rattlesnake. The rattlesnake will eat all the squirrels. Once he does, you will need to get rid of the rattlesnake. As your attorney, I advise you to get a mongoose. Once the rattlesnake is gone…

  • My old hound dog needs a job, want to borrow her? She is excellent at terrorizing squirrels. She will either chase them up a tree and far away or –if they’re not careful–eat them, so I can offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The only down side is the baying, which is somewhat incessant, but beats a high-pitched bark.

  • This was likely a young squirel that hasn’t developed a healthy fear of humans yet. You’ve probably seen more like them, though quite a bit flatter from being run over by a car.

  • My dog has done nothing to rid my yard of the troop of squirrels – I have literally counted 23 at one time above my head while sitting on the back porch looking up in the trees. They have actually figured out how to cross my yard without touching down when the dog is there. It is an acrobatic feat worthy of Cirque du Soliel – very entertaining indeed!

  • No young squirrel, it’s just a city squirrel. (Sorry to those who think they’re cute – they’re rats with cute fuzzy tails). I’m a total sissy about wildlife (apparently the suburban warnings that brave animals were rabid animals took serious effect) but I have more than once cut my run short because deer were staring back at me, all “Who the HELL do you think YOU are?”

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