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IMG_6932, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

“After recently moving to DC from West Virginia, Jess misunderstood her roomate’s comment about fixing up the flower bed.”

Congrats to Drewlove who wins a PoP t-shirt. Please email me directly. Also, JessinMtP email me directly and I’ll get you a t-shirt as well.

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  • Not only is this offensive to West Virginians, like myself, but it’s not even close to being funny. There were several other submissions that actually had some humor in them, but you go with the lowest common denominator of making fun of a state that you’ve probably never even been to. Weak. Go hang out with Dick Cheney.

  • Congrats Drewlove

    and EchoWhiskey, I’m sure it was all in good fun…besides your college sets couches on fire when they win football games…

  • Echowhiskey–I grew up in KY, so I understand your viewpoint, and my college (U of KY) nearly burned our town to the ground (ok, maybe just a few blocks around campus) when we won the Final Four in ’96. Good times.

  • yeah, the comment wasnt even funny to begin with, and i think its weird to see this as the winner when this blog and its readers always seem to be oh so in tune with the plight of the oppressed… but i guess, as usual, the white man (especially the ones who are aligned with the redneck stereotype, either on purpose or by no fault of their own) is fair game…

  • Prince Of Petworth

    In hindsight, this may have been a bit insensitive. I apologize to those who took offense and will be more thoughtful in the future.

  • My brother once dated a girl named Jessica, and while she went by Jessie rather than Jess, I am offended by the portrayal of all Jesses as West Virginians.

  • i dont get this blog sometimes…not a clever comment and bigotted as hell……that’s “beautiful” ?


  • Raht, cuzn wez all sleep out sahd in Wes’ virginny. An we donno whut yer fancy bedstands iz fer, side’s tyin up the goats. We’uns all sleep on the flo.

    Pretty sad.

  • “all in good fun” to you maybe , sounds like “makin fun” to me gotta go! i have a couch to burn

  • Wow – I had no idea W. Virginians were so sensitive.

  • its not just west virginians, its a southern thing… what group of people, or stereotype can you make fun of in front of ANYONE and get laughs, grins, or at the very least, apathy? southerners! call them rednecks, stupid, cousin f*ckers, whatever you want, who cares?! theyre just southerners!… people get their shit jumped for even the most ambiguous comment that COULD be seen as racist, and then they have to issue a public apology, get 30 lashes, and write over a hefty check to the nearest minority charity…but make fun of southern people unabashedly, to their face, in front of anyone, and youre just funny..

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