Old Spruce Street?

DSCN0183, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Did parts of U Street used to be referred to as Old Spruce Street? Anyone know the history here?

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  • Well, on most of those kinds of signs “Old” is a modifier, not part of the name.

    And yes, some streets in the city were renamed at various points, such as when Washington City was expanded beyond Boundary St (now Florida Ave), so it probably was Spruce St at some point.

  • That block is in Ledroit Park, which used to be its own community (exclusively white until Howard students tore down its fence, then became a place for wealthier African Americans). Much like the developments of today, they thought tree names made the neighboorhood a little more classy and/or quaint and changed the names of certain streets. Once it became more incorporated into the area, the names were reverted as this city can be difficult enough to navigate.

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