No Freaking Way

DSCN0346, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This has got to be the best name plate ever seen in the city and possibly in the entire continental United States. Fastidious accounting service. Well, is there any other kind? And I don’t know why but the fact that his last name is Redhead just makes it all the more sweet.  Aren’t redheads known for being anything but fastidious?

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  • The redheads in the room say “Watch it.”

    But I agree on the nameplate being way cool.

  • Haha…and it’s Stephen “D” Redhead…ie. Stephen the Redhead…lol…love it.

  • That sign is awesome. I’ve heard the bit about redheads being more sensitive to pain, being difficult to anesthetize, but I’ve never heard us be criticized for lack of fastidiousness…

  • Redheads are ALL practitioners of WITCHCRAFT.
    And being genetically 50% red, I therefore cannot be trusted.
    Carry on…

  • Absolutely, Intangible! I’ve always looked at the fact that I burn to a crisp in even mild sun exposure as a sign that God is trying to burn me at the stake. 🙂

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