Nice Back Deck


Here’s K’s other selection for today. She says: “Also is a picture of a really nice deck and parking space on an end house. The husband was out doing yard work so we talked to him for a few and told him how much we liked his deck. He said his wife designed it all herself and would be flattered to hear the compliment.” Super cool.

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  • Should have told them to sell that stupid SUV though..

  • sure, right after I sell mine…

    They also had a nice side and front yard.

  • ugh, kalia…you (and this guy) are the destroyers…

  • you have a pickup truck in the city… lets not go there cristobal we both know my honda gets better gas mileage than your truck does.

  • Luckily our car is small, eh? Anybody know anything about the structural support they needed to put in to support the updated sunroom on the back of the house? We are interested in pursuing that option sometime.

  • hey, i have the same model land rover, but mine’s 2005.

    best vehicles ever. especially if you don’t drive a 20 mile commute every day.

    i’ve loaded that thing up more than 50 times, as i renovate my house.

    i can’t imagine running around in a honda fit, or a mini. i use my motorcycle for dinky errands.

  • that is an awesome deck, and I am totally digging the smoooooth pavement they have for the driveway. Totally jealous!

  • a pickup truck that has come in handy with all 17 of the moves youve made since college, right? and no, you do not get better gas mileage…we already discussed that.

    did you guys build under the existing addition or what? anyone ever had to actually rip theirs off and start over? we have major sagging in the first and second floor of ours 🙁

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