New Tavern Coming to U Street


I noticed this application for a liquor license this past weekend. It is located at 1013 U Street and the application lists the bar as “Lounge of Three” a new tavern with entertainment including live music and/or Karaoke. It’s hearing date is listed as June 25th. Looks like the building will need some serious renovations, which is good news that another run down storefront on U Street will be brought back to life. And how can you not love karaoke?

Speaking of U Street’s revival: I saw in today’s Post that Mr. Jeffrey Koenreich recently passed away. The Post says, “M. Jeffrey Koenreich, 54, who helped organize the Cardozo Shaw Neighborhood Association and led efforts to revitalize Washington’s U Street corridor in the 1980s and 1990s, died May 1 at his home in Miami after a heart attack.” Read the full obituary here. I think it’s important to remember those who have made positive contributions to our neighborhoods.

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  • I’m glad that U Street is staying more loung-oriented — maybe it’ll keep the rabble from Adams Morgan out of there. U Street is definitely the place for the urban sophisticate in that area.

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