New Middle Eastern Restaurant on Florida Ave Just West of 14th St.

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Thanks to a reader for sending the news:

“I just wanted to send a note your way about a new restaurant at 14th & Florida. I believe it’s called LZ Restaurant, and it’s a nice little locally-owned spot. There is no decor to speak of (we’re talking white walls), but the quality of the food and the hospitality of the owners more than makes up for that. They serve Middle Eastern food, and it’s DELICIOUS. The owners even gave us a free serving of one of their appetizers. It seems to be owned by a husband and wife who do everything there. It’s a hard spot to have a business (several others have failed in recent years), and I would love to see them succeed.”

I went to check out the new LZ Restaurant today but for some reason, oh yeah – I’m a jackass, I had already eaten. Nevertheless like the reader suggests this seems like it is going to be a super cool spot. It is very unassuming but of course it is the unassuming places that often have the best food. I briefly spoke with coowner Ms Mahgouba from Morocco. The store opened last week and is located at 1406 Florida Ave. and you can call ahead for pick up. It is a bit spartan on the inside but Ms Mahgouba was super nice. Prices seem very reasonable: appetizers from $1.25 – $5.00, Kabobs from $10.99 – $13.99, Shawarma and gyro sandwiches from $5.99 – $6.99, and Shawarma platters from $8.00 -$9.00 and yes they also have a vegetarian platter of hummus, tabouleh, grape leaves, spinach pie, cheese pie, falafel and pita bread for $9.00.   So I look forward to hearing more reports after you guys check it out. I’ll be sure to report back when I next visit…hungry. Photo of the inside after the jump.


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  • I’m glad to hear that the owners are Moroccan, as I’ve had their food in France. Couscous is fantastic and I really hope they have it on their menu. As it’s the national dish of both Morocco and Algeria, I would almost assume they make it. Gotta give this place a try.

  • Mmmmmm… I hope they have tagines! I’ll totally go for the couscous, though.

  • Will for sure pick up some kabobs on my bike ride home (I always bike by). It is a tough spot for a business (many have come and gone), but arguably having a niche product can help (as there is no or less competition around in the surrounding blocks.. there was e.g. a cafe there before… even with its African (?) theme it was hardly unique enough and did not last long)

  • Got some carryout here on my way home from work–I live on the block. Tasty couscous and dolmas. I’ll definitely be back for more.

  • Stopped on my way home (easy on a bike) last night for some falafel, continuing last week’s falafel flurry. I bought the $5 falafel appetizer. It was very good, many patties, served with a fresh pita and some minty parsley and lettuce and a tahini sauce. I will go again. Yes it seems like a tough spot adjacent to the unattractively secured Florida Liquors and it being rather a drive-by-fast corner.

  • I ate the chicken kabobs here yesterday – everything was excellent and the lady owner was really sweet.

    You also forgot to mention the best part: Hallal meat!

  • thanks for all the support. we will continue to be open and even have a buffet open for only eight dollars per person. check us out!

  • AS a farmer from Idaho, I was amazed at how different the food is from Idaho. I tried something i had never heard of called grape leaves and it was absolutely amazing. I also tried something called spinach pie and it was even better. I will be sure to stop by again before i return to Idaho in August

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