Nehemiah Center Demolition Set For End of Summer

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Thanks to a curious reader for sending the update. I still can’t remember what’s going in but it’s good to know it’ll being coming down soon. I look forward to learning what stores will be going in after construction is complete.

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  • I seem to recall that it will be condos with first floor retail space, but don’t quote me.

  • That sounds right.

    And, Thank. Effing. Jebus.

    There is no worse waste of space than this strip-mall design plopped down on a major artery in the District. I think the plan is to demolish the similar complex on H Street NE as well.

    On one hand, it is a shame; the Nehemiah Center is relatively new. That said, it was clearly built in a time when the site could not support density.

  • Good Riddance to this example of 70’s era sub-urban auto-oriented infill development. 14th St keeps getting better and better.

  • I’m thinking Shoe City, A.J. Wright, and KFC/Taco Bell


    I believe the most recent plans are for an apartment building and some ground level retail.

  • unfortunately the new development will have an above-grade parking deck, one of the major no-nos of urban planning.

  • yeah, the above-ground parking gives me shudders. i keep thinking it’s going to look like the parking deck in front of that giant apartment building on route 1 just north of the university of maryland’s campus. fugly!

  • Yes, there just aren’t enough new condos in the area. AAAAAAHHHHH!

  • these will be apartments, not condos…they switched over just like view 14 at the corner of 14th and florida

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