Neat Neighborhood Find: Sweet Magnolia


Located at 1534 U Street, Sweet Magnolia is not exactly the most hidden of neighborhood finds but it’s the first time I ever dropped in. It has been open for three years and bills itself as ‘Fine Gifts’ and ‘Home Accessories’. This store is absolutely jam packed. Like GoMamaGo, it too is very eclectic. It has posters, candles, baby clothes, candles, pictures, home decor items etc. It’s almost hard to walk around the place is so packed. I’d say this is another good spot to check out if you need to pick up a gift for someone. If you are looking for a gift for me, I’ll take the Bob Dylan poster please. Bob Dylan poster and other photos of the interior after the jump.





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  • Only a man would actually want that poster. I suppose you’d want to put it up in your living room or entryway as the centerpiece, no?

  • Oh dear. Sorry E-Girl, but that’s a bit more decorous than my art nouveau absinthe poster and about the same as art deco pin-up girls cocktail posters.

    Oh, yeah, female hetero here.

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