Neat Neighborhood Find: GoMamaGo


Go Mama Go located at 1809 14th Street can only be described as eclectic. I spoke with co-owner Jonathan who told me that the store has been open since August of 2001 after starting on a smaller scale in Eastern Market in 2000. The owners looked all up and down 14th Street but ultimately chose this location because the price was right and its next door neighbor Home Rule were already open and bringing in foot traffic to this area. The wares offered range from dinnerware to candles to tsochtkes to art to basically, you name it. Jonathan explained that they are always looking for pieces that are “beautiful and useful in everyday life”. Prices vary but the bulk of their goods sell between $25-$100. Store hours are Monday – Saturday 11-7 and Sunday 12-5. Lots of photos of the interior after the jump.





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  • This place is really cute, and I like the concept. Except looking at these pictures, I can’t help but feel like I’m looking at an overpriced secondhand shop.

  • Wow, looks like they have a lot of those cool Marimekko things (all of those with the big flowers on them etc.)!!

  • Go Mamma Go is a great shop. It’s a go-to place for me when I need to get my mom a little present or if I am looking for a neat bowl or coasters, stuff like that. Also an extensive candle section.

    It was owned/operated by a sweet old woman who apparently died unexpectedly about a year ago. I don’t know if the current ownership is her family or if they recently purchased it from her family. There is a big framed picture of her in the store.

    All the artwork on the walls is for sale too. We have a really cool framed picture from there in our living room.

  • Best place in DC for a wedding gift.

  • Mama died?? I had no idea 🙁 Guess I haven’t been there in awhile.

  • A post about “Go Mama Go” without mentioning the late Noi Chudnoff who has been credited for the retail revival on 14th St? Someone’s interns need to take a trip to the woodshed or whever interns go these days for punishment 😉

  • It’s former owner, Noi, passed away last year. She was tremendous and tirelessly gave her time and money to the community, i.e, to support battered women shelters, etc.

  • The boyfriend got me a very nice gift from this store.


  • Jonathan is Noi’s husband. Noi was fabulous, and Jonathan is also a wonderful person. And its a great store.

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