Neat Neighborhood Find: Design Within Reach


Design Within Reach, located at 1838 Columbia Road in Adams Morgan is one cool shop. I spoke with sales associate, Omari, who described the store as featuring modern, mid century furniture. He also explained that the name means that the patron is able to have direct access to classic pieces. Previously, customers had to go through designers to purchase these types of pieces but Design Within Reach has a warehouse that stocks many of the pieces so that there aren’t long wait periods for your furniture to arrive. As you would expect prices vary but most sofas range from $1500-$5000. The pictures will say a lot more than anything I can write. Plenty of them after the jump. But let me just add that I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a terrarium on display. Well, another sales associate came up to me as I was admiring the terrarium and she told me it was actually for sale. Right on. So they also partner with Small World Terrariums and you can purchase some pretty cool terrariums. Very cool. Check out some photos of the furniture after the jump.







Sweet, a terrarium!


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  • i call it design not within reach. beautiful stuff but i can’t come close to affording anything.

  • DWR is great if you want classic/famous modern furniture (modern as in modern, not as in contemporary ugly-a$$ Value City crap). The name is deceptive-most of their stuff is pretty pricey.

  • more like design NOT within reach. they are very expensive. if you want mid century designed furniture classics why not buy the originals that have lasted for 30-50 years? i purchased a wire Harry Bertoia diamond chair by Knoll at Good Wood ( ) and another at millennium decorative arts ( ) (both on U street). $350 and $295 respectively… if you get them from DWR they cost $877-$1432 (depending on variations) and take 4 weeks to get. also i almost got a vintage saarinen tulip chair by knoll for $245 at millennium… dwr price…$1,160.00 – $1,313.00. hmmmmm… anyway

  • Here’s the story of a man named Brady…

    (Sorry, couldn’t resisit)

  • i love the cow print dentist chair.

    and totally agree — every time I read their catalog I sort of wish that their prices have gone down and that somehow it will now be within reach.. alas, nope, still out of reach.

  • Lol.. so that’s what the name is supposed to mean.. I really have to wonder what the store owners were thinking when coming up that name. Did they REALLY think people would go by and say “ahh… there I can finally easily by that $5000 armchair from the designer I love so easily.. its so.. within reach now”… LOL LOL LOL

  • I dunno. Life is hard enough without coming home to a chair that make’s a statement. Personally I prefer the stong, silent type when it comes to armchairs.

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