My New Favorite Realtors

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I always love spotting ‘House for Sale’ signs that have the picture of the realtor(s) on them. Many of these photos often look like Christmas shots taken in the mid to late 80s. In this particular photo check out the sweet sky blue background in the portrait. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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  • I’ve seen him in person. I think he’s been photoshopped.

  • 😀 Btw, there is rumor that the building where you may have taken the pic (on 14th St) would soon have a bakery shop of some kind in the small retail place on the ground floor.

  • this picture is terrible… anyone else put off by it? i would question their ability to match my needs and wants for a new house if this is what they looked like in person. im sure they are nice people, but wouldnt you want a realitor who is style savvy and in the know about current trends?

  • Their lack of fashion sense does not make then bad realtors. They may have their finger on the pulse of the 80’s, but again, who cares as long as they can help someone buy or sell a home.

  • no, it doesnt make them bad realitors, but it cant help their business either…if i were a realitor, i would want to look like the kind of person who could tell you where it is and what its about. also, if i were taking the advice of someone on how to sell my home faster and for more, it wouldnt be from someone who looks like this…again, im not making fun of them, im just saying. i dont think they put enough effort into their appearance for the importance of their careers…

  • Cristobal- I see your point but keep in mind that not everyone has the same taste as you. I think I’d actually prefer working with people like this than some douchey Jag-driving overgrown frat boy with too much gel in his hair. Yes, these photos look outdated, but they also give off the “low overhead old-timer” vibe. A lot of people might find that comfortable- honest.

    I’ve never understood why realtors (or stock brokers for that matter) are supposed to give off an “I’m rich” vibe. I mean, they make money on commissions, so its YOUR money with which they’re bank rolling that lifestyle. So… I’d prefer mine to be more humble. I know my Mom would never go to a dentist that offered bleaching or other services beyond the basics because “they’re all crooks.” So… they might not being going after the bigger ticket sales, or courting the folks that will buy anything as long as it’s got stainless n’ granite, but I bet they do a decent volume of lower ticket items. Its a niche like any other. Maybe they’re like the…. Charles Schwabs vs. Goldman Sachs.

  • Hey, at least they didn’t get the picture background with ‘lasers’ in it.

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