My New Favorite City Sign

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Who doesn’t like Home Made Sweet Potatoe Pie! Echoes of Dan Quayle? Check out some more signs from this shop after the jump.



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  • Haha… is a pota-toe pie made from mushrooming toes? Mmm.. yummy.

    On a related note – don’t they teach in schools that “woman” is spelled.. err.. “woman” and not “women”? Just check almost any dating service and you’ll find an amazing number of women (!) who don’t appear to know how to spell it (e.g. “I am “a sexy BBW WOMEN”. Then again, most those particular women USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS ALL THE TIME…

  • oh man, i love those signs, too, and i love henry’s. i love the sweet potato pie a little less though – it’s super SWEET though i hear it’s award-winning. try the fried chicken and the not-on-the-menu sweet tea/lemonade mix.

  • i love it! i bet sweet potato”e” pie is good

  • And where is this (supposedly) wonderful place?

    Btw, I went to Rita’s or whatever the west indian place is called on Georgia Ave after reading so many people say how wonderful it is.. what a dump. Come on people – put some effort into keeping your place looking respectable. Oh and the food was nothing to write home about either.

  • Other than the typo, I love the artwork on the signs. It has a very vintage feel to it. Makes you think “They’ve been in business this long…The food MUST be good!”

  • Where is this place? Is this a mimic of the Henry’s in Oxon Hill where the sweet potatoe pie is to die for? Anywhere I can find some homemade sweet potatoe pie I am there!
    The run down hole in the walls always have the best grubb!

  • It looks like a professionally painted sign so you would think that the sign painter would heve corrected the typo. But, then again, having worked in the graphic design business, so clients can be persistent even when it’s clear that they are wrong.

  • On second thought, having looked at the pics of the other signage, I’d say the sign painter is just as much responsible for the typos.

    7 DAYS AWEEK (?)

    Geez Louise!

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