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DSCN0611, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I don’t quite get it but I couldn’t stop staring at it. Who is that supposed to be at the right? Saddam Hussein? Someone explain the mural to me, please.

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  • You’re kidding right, PoP?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Is it David Obey?

  • dubyah with a hitler ‘stache

  • I see that one often, its in an alley in Mt. P.

  • Its a take off on a Shephard Faireys Obey works . Im guessing that is Bush but they should add some grey to his hair. I like the spiral in the American flag even if it is too blatant a metaphor

  • I’m going to agree that its supposed to be Bush, but it looks like Hugo Chavez.

  • It could be Turkmenbashi.

  • it’s bushie with a swirling, hypnotizing thing in the flag.

  • It’s from “They Live”. The Opus Magnum of the legendary Roddy Piper.

  • Hey! That’s my house!

  • @PT Varnum: Holy Crap! I thought I was the only person in the world that saw that movie! I gotta say, though, “Hell Comes To Frogtown” was more Roddy-er…

  • I really hope it’s in reference to They Live. Someone should add on “Stay asleep”, “Marry and reproduce”, and of course some money that says “This is your god” on it. And then Mr. Piper could be off to the side, holding a shotgun and saying “I’m here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I’m all outta bubblegum”.

    Maybe they’re saying that Bush-Hitler-Chavez is a part of an alien conspiracy to cause a recession wherein the lower class are all made homeless and the upper class all become even more upper class and get teleportation watches. Suddenly, it all makes sense!

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