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I think I may have posted a previous mural from this building in Shaw. But for posterity I had to include this incredible (hilarious and sad) mural. After the jump check out another mural of some famous Washingtonians from the same building as well.


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  • Am I a cold-hearted capitalist pig if mural #1 makes me think “boo fricken hoo”??

  • Oh- and can the artist please tell me where the quaint, intimate locally owned and quality-product selling coffee shop (that was theoretically displaced by Starbucks) used to exist in Shaw? Oh 9th? Right by the liquor store and boarded up church-owned building full of prostitutes? Ah, okay.

  • Oh for the love of Pete…. I clearly only understand enough French to get myself into trouble….and don’t understand the mural.

    I’ve always thought that it was supposed to be some message about Corporate America taking over small businesses….since the quaint looking cafe was “ferme” (one word I know)

    But apparently “putain” means whore… so it is apparently a totally different message. And one that I get a kick out of.

    Dear mural artist,

    Mea culpa.

    Parkwood Person

  • Parkwood:

    It means “‘stinking whore’ café.”

  • Yes, it means café of the whore who stinks, the stinking whore. So French, they love to swear using this word.

  • for those of you who aren’t from shaw, this mural, and all the art on the building, is the work of folks in the neighborhood protesting the state of decreptitude and disrepair that this building has been allowed to fall into.

    it’s a bit of a way of showing everyone what we could have in shaw, but don’t because of the lack of investment in our commercial corridors.

  • I like the murals. Shows that people can create beauty in all places. Love the blog by the way! Check out my CARTOONS by clicking on my name link.

  • it used to also say ‘bienvenue a shaw: slum historique’ (‘welcome to shaw: historic slum’) but the gentrifiers of shaw got angry with that reference and spray-painted over those words.

  • Yeah, I also noted with interest that Shaw’s officially not a slum anymore 😉
    I saw a while back that this building was for sale – anyone know if it’s still on the market?

  • Shaw is reaching its turning point. You can’t see it yet by walking down 7th or 9th Streets yet, but if you look at what’s planned for the near future it becomes clear. Some highlights:

    O Street Market
    3 New hotels near the Convention Center
    New Shaw Neighborhood Library
    Flats at Blagden Alley (new developer, but still happening
    Addison Square (Kelsey Gardens)
    Radio One

    Tons of smaller projects too…economic development here is finally taking off. Unfortunately, as the cover story in the City Paper described this week, our neighborhood still struggles with problems like gang violence. Shaw continues to be a neighborhood of contradictions.

    I still love this neighborhood though, and wouldn’t live anywhere else in DC.

  • Almost forgot one of my favs:

    Wonderbread Factory Redevelopment

  • i remember once reading an interview with the artist. he said he used starbucks because to him it represented stability. and thats what he wants for shaw.

  • I live down the street from the building, and I’m thrilled it was painted over. Although the murals themselves were nice, the whole structure was in terrible disrepair. The fresh coat of paint makes the whole building much more attractive.

    Cleaning up buildings like this is helpful to increase the perception of Shaw. For example, there are a few condos for sale across the street from that building. I have to think making the property across the way more attractive will help market those. Whatever we can do to continue to get the market to develop is helpful. The more of these buildings that become presentable, the more my friends who come to visit me in Shaw see it as an attractive neighborhood. It’s a small step, but it least it is movement in the right direction toward development of some long-forgotten lots.

  • where’s the “patisserie du speculateur avid”???
    it was right next to the cafe of the stinky whore. e’en so, thank you thank you thank you for publishing this. the BFF and i were driving past there the other day and wondering WHERE it all went. it was so entertaining. it lightened our dark days at the workplace. “slum historique” indeed!!!

  • Yup. Yup. Miss it! It was like a secret code. You know if it’d been in English, they wuddah painted it out real quick–and it wuddn’t have been near so funny.

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