MoveOn.Org Sponsors Bake Sale for Obama


I spotted this group out in Columbia Heights and another one in Mt. Pleasant on Saturday. I received an interesting follow up email from one of the organizers of the Columbia Heights group:

“Move On had a national bake sale for Obama. We collected within an hour over $100 with a lot more food left over. Unfortunately, the police came by and informed us we needed a permit and shut us down. There were a lot of people donating sweets through Move On and we organized two groups of people that would sell between 12- 4. Unfortunately it didn’t work out, but Wonderland Bar allowed us to sell some of our remaining goods.

Thanks Wonderland Bar.”


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  • They also had a table set out in Dupont Circle on Saturday, I think it was.

  • I would think political fundraising would be permitted in public space like the underutilized triangular park there in Columbia Heights. Maybe selling food requires a permit? It seems there are other pressing issues for the police to tackle.

  • Perhaps they were just hungry and were looking for a delicious bribe? lol. jk

  • “Giggly babes for Obama” more like.

    Like he needs a cake sale.. especially now that he is going full steam for corporate money.

  • Why is the one girl hiding her face. Is she not proud of selling baked goods for the next president, who will also, eventually, have to move on . . .

    Will Move On go away after they get a candidate they want in the White House? Or will they always be looking to tell someone to move on until they run out of people to tell to move on?

  • I wonder how the money gets to Obama…is someone pocketing it and cutting a check to him? Or does it go to MoveOn’s coffers?

  • Boomhauer: As the host of the bake sale I can tell you that I sent a check for $196 to yesterday. The money was never intended for Obama, but to support MoveOn’s campaigns for him.

    The police officer who forced us to move was very polite and told us she supported our efforts (it was obvious that if it was up to her she would have left us alone), but you need a permit to sell things on public property. It is understandable enough, the city needs to regulate people hogging sidewalk space.

  • They were also outside the Barnes & Noble in Bethesda.

  • Samantha, which one are you in the pic?

  • I’m second from the left in the bottom picture.

  • haha.. I think I just got censored. Must have been the Barry Manilov reference. 😀

  • We had two bakesales, one in Venice, California, and one in Irvine, California. Between the two, we raised over $1,000. We wrote up our thoughts at Sivacracy.

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