Just a Common Courtesy

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Man that would be brutal to have your window knocked on so many times that you had to post a sign. I guess the buzzer must’ve been broken right? Why else would folks knock on someone’s window?

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  • I knew of a building in SF where there used to be a drug dealer that lived on the first floor, and people were constantly coming by and knocking on the window, looking to score….long after that drug dealer moved out/got locked up/checked out. They put up a sign that said something like “Tony does not live here. Get your drugs elsewhere”

  • I bet that building doesn’t have a door buzzer, so EVERYONE who comes to the building knocks on that window to get let in.

  • Well now the sign can read “Do not knock on my window or I will shoot you”.

  • PoP- You should have a “Comment of the Day” highlight. And “Fellow Petworthian” should win for today. My 2 cents.

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