“I’ve fallen and I can’t reach mah beer!”


Thanks to Katie for sending in the following photo and note:

“My husband was walking down Buchanan St. when a man said, “Looks like he’s tryna cool off too.” He pointed at someone’s front porch where a squirrel was cooling his belly on the concrete. My husband snapped this photo on his phone before the squirrel got annoyed and scampered off.”

I’m glad to know the squirrels are taunting others besides me… For those who have been pushed to the edge it may be worth reading this piece from the New York Times titled Peter Rabbit Must Die.

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  • awwww!!!! I’m sorry but i love squirrels, they r so adorable. Most of the city squirrels are fearless to us humans mainly because they are use to the chases and scares that we give them, they actually probably even laugh at us for it. lol!! So it wouldn’t surprise me if they start to become house pets.

  • We had squirrels as unwelcome house pets in our attic. Loudest fuzzy little rats imaginable until we poisoned ’em…kidding…we very humanely (and expensively) had them removed by a self proclaimed “squirrel trapping expert.”

  • A very entertaining, and very dark article PoP. I was raised in an area where rabbit/squirrel hunting was a very common and enjoyable hobby for a Saturday in season, and for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure: delicious. That being said, I honestly don’t know If I could justify a garden-animal cull. I know its hypocritical to sick lady bugs on aphids and conduct miniature bio/chemical warfare on the various larva that attack my tomatoes but take issue with the cute cuddly animals but I figure if I’m gonna kill it I should probably be ready to eat it; and frankly I’ve seen what the Hood-fauna eat, its not pretty.

  • great article, thanks for the link! small animals taste the best… if youve never had rabbit hash gravy and biscuits, then you have not lived. squirrels are also pretty delicious… maybe a community wild game dinner is just what we need to bring us all together! or a squirrel festival… like a strawberry festival, but with squirrel pies instead 🙂

  • @Cristobal
    …we’ve split hairs over other issues but I would gladly share the bounty of a well sighted pellet gun on the porch over a few cold ones.

    How bout it PoP?

    Petworth Pest-alooza 2008:
    – Meet & Greet Your Fellow Neighbor
    – Learn to Control the Garden Menace
    – Enrich Your Families Recipe Lexicon

    Bring the Kids & Don’t Miss the 6pm Possum Toss!

  • Flipflopirate,

    Why not a Pest-ival? I know — boo, hiss…

    I like the sound of a Possum Toss.

  • Pest-ival! ha I love it!

  • Petworth Pest-ival is a great addition and I think there is much room for events and entertainment suggestions as well. Perhaps we could even incorporate some ideas from this NPR gem that I stumbled across. I think a Guest Speaker or free showing of the documentary would be a fitting climax to the Pest-ival.


  • Gopher, Everett?

  • i cant believe what im hearing, u guys would eat a poor little squirrel..oh hell no! something is not right.hmmm?

  • Lil’ Gal and I went through the trouble of fully enclosing all of our veggies in 4′ x 4′ chickenwire cubes to avoid taking on the local squirrels.

    After all, if we killed one of them then they might come back and conduct a drive-by on the Sniffles the cat and all of a sudden it’s like “Boys N The Hood,” with Ice Cube crying over Sniffles’ shoebox casket “either they don’t know, don’t show, or don’t care about what’s going on in the garden.”

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