It’s Official CVS Coming to Union Row at 14th and W


Thanks to a reader for telling me that one of the final spots below the Union Row Condos on 14th Street has been filled. You can see from the permit in the photo above it’s going to be a CVS. Not many people get too excited about CVS but there really isn’t another good option on 14th Street and W except for the Right Aid at 13th and U. So for those that live in that area how do you feel about a CVS coming?

The reader was also kind of enough to send the ANC1B Meeting notes which gives an update on the other retail going below the Union Row Condos. The new restaurant Eatonville is discussed with this interesting tidbit emerging: “The restaurant will have spoken word, folklore, and storytelling as well as background music and art from both local and global artisans.” The YES! Organic market is also discussed with hopes that will open it’s 14th Street location by August and it seems this location will be granted a liquor license. Ed. note: Let’s hope the Petworth location has similar success getting a liquor license. Excerpt of meeting notes after the jump.

“Commissioner Spalding reviewed application 78882 Eatonville for a new CR02 license with entertainment. This restaurant will be in the new PN Hoffman building and is owned by Andy Shalal, also owner of Busboys and Poets. The restaurant hours would be 7pm to 2am and 7pm to 3am with entertainment hours of 6pm-2am and 6pm-3am. Mr. Shalal was present to discuss the new restaurant and address any concerns and questions from the Commission and the community. Mr. Shalal indicated that the restaurant is dedicated to Zora Neale Hurston and the menu will be comprised of southern, low country bayou cuisine. The restaurant will have spoken word, folklore, and storytelling as well as background music and art from both local and global artisans. The global artwork will be sold by Global Exchange, a company that sells the work of a village and sends the monies back to the village. The restaurant will provide an alternative, non-club like atmosphere. A resident, Adam Holseger felt that the entertainment should end at midnight. Another resident felt that liquor sales should end at midnight due to the noise that patrons make when exiting the business. After some discussion on these issues Commissioner Hunter moved that ANC1B support Eatonville, license 78882. Commissioner Spalding seconded the motion and the motion was adopted 9-0.

Gary Chaw from Yes! Organic Market was present to address any further questions or concerns about the plans for the store. The application is for a B license to sell upscale wines and imported beer. Mr. Chaw indicated that contractors are currently working in the space, but due to noise issues the work hours have changed. These changes have caused the work time to take longer and he hopes that the store will be open by August. Commissioner Spalding moved that ANC1B support the Class B license of Yes! Organic Market. Commissioner Conklin seconded the motion and the motion was adopted 8-0”

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  • There is a CVS on U Street, right by the 9th Street mtro exit. It is pretty large, and quite nice.

  • The Rite-Aid at 13th and U may well be displaced for a few years if that hotel plan for the site goes through, in which case the 14th and W CVS will be very useful…especially when all those large apartment buildings north of W street are finally built.

  • Isn’t there one at 14th and Columbia. Seems like we reached the CVS satuartion point in that neighborhood long ago!

  • yeah and two between Upshur and the Safeway on Georgia Ave alone…what is the deal with that?

  • Every CVS I’ve ever visited has been a cluttered mess. I doubt the current residents of the building are overly thrilled about its opening. In fact, I was discouraged from buying there when the rumor was well known — PN Hoffman was not very forthcoming about such info as they likely felt CVS was not a great selling point to people buying 500k+ condos. Let’s hope PNH (as the lease holder) will require CVS to improve their indoor and curbside aesthetic

  • Eh there’s a CVS at 10th and U, which is at least closer to me than 14th and W. And I kind of hate that RiteAid, it has terrible customer service and there was that whole “let’s throw out two guys because they’re hugging in an aisle” thing.

    The real question is when the hell is Yes! Organic Market going to open? It was supposed to open some time in the “spring”… well I believe Friday is the first day of summer…

  • Oh I didn’t read the full post… Yes! Organic Market opening in August. Gracias.

  • There were 3 major spots for lease in Union Row, 2 for 3 isn’t bad: Yes! Organic and Eatonville. It could have been another bank such as the one at the corner of 14th and P (Cooper Lewis Condos).

    Theres is also an organic drycleaners going into Union Row and a pilates studio

  • CVS is trying the Starbucks approach – a store on every corner.

  • Is that Pilates studio a sure thing? I hah heard mention of it a while ago but silence ever since

  • I’m ok with a CVS but hope that it is not one of the retail spaces fronting 14th street. Their stores are unaesthetic and not very well maintained. Maybe because it will be part of a new, well kept, building, CVS will have some incentive to keep the store from turning into a trash heap.

  • I look forward to yet another CVS crammed with sullen clerks, and not much else…

  • Not only is there a CVS at 10th and U, but there’s another one 3 blocks away on Georgia Ave./7th St. There is really no need for yet another CVS in the neighborhood.

    What I REALLY want to know is when the Yes! Organic Market is opening, if only because I’d like a closer place to buy some produce when I run out of fresh limes for my margaritas.

  • CVS is opening on every space they can find due to Walgreens plan to open more stores in the city.

  • Does anyone know when the Yes! Organic Market is opening?

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