I’d Rather Just Have Cheaper Gas

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I did a double take when I went to get my Saturday afternoon Slush Puppie at the gas station at the corner of 15th and U. I don’t know if they’ve installed televisions because people were buying huge SUVs that took a while to fill up or if they installed them because gas is becoming so expensive they were looking for ways to distract the customer so they wouldn’t realize they just paid 68 bucks to fill up their minivans. I think this idea may backfire though as watching six minutes of CNN has been known to cause outbreaks of violence, depression, irritable bowels, feinting, vomiting and nausea. If you are nursing or pregnant definitely avert your eyes if Wolf Blitzer is on.

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  • It could be because there are always lots of cabbies just hanging out.

  • and drug dealers.

    That gas station sucks, I don’t have a car but I tried to get gas there with a friend once. Everyone was just parked there hanging out, no one seemed to be buying gas…

  • Meh, the gas station one block away on 14th and W makes this one look like bunnies playing pattycakes on a rainbow.

  • I’d rather have more expensive gas. Gas is still ridiculously cheap in the US. Hopefully it will go up at least another couple of dollars.

  • Does anyone know if the cabbies lounging there will take a fare right from the gas station? I live about a block away and it would be awesome to have constant and instant access to cabbies!

  • I’ve seen this at a Nova station too.

    With things the way they are in this country, do we really want to have 24 hr., “talking head” news on in public places? Frankly, it annoys and angers me. I like quiet, thank you. 🙂

  • loganmo – I’ve caught cabs from there (even once when I was running late to the airport, but I had to beg). Its quite a resource.

  • I don’t know about that particular gas station, but I get cabs from the one near my house all the time. Its great because there are always at least a few cabs there fueling up.

    I’ve seen these TV’s before and I think they only turn on and run when the pump is active- so they’re not running all day for the drunks. I wonder if the networks pay to have these installed and pay the station owners to keep them… I’m guessing they only get one channel. Kind of “outside the box” business development for the network I guess…

  • Watch out for dangerous cabbies and drug dealers if Nancy Grace is on. I loathe that show.

  • ha — have you indeed witnessed some feinting?

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