Huge Pile Up on 13th Street in Columbia Heights

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Thanks to Andrew from the New Columbia Heights blog for sending me an email about this insane pile up on the 13th Street. Andrew wrote: “I hope nobody here parked on the southbound side of 13th between Fairmont and Clifton – you may be in for a crummy morning. Somebody (drunk, I assume?) crashed their car tonight on almost every car on the southbound side of 13th Street.” Does anyone know if this accident, Monday evening,was the result of a drunk driver? Was he driving an 18 wheeler?

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  • There was actually a post on the 3D substation yahoo group in response to Andrew’s email about the incident. It stated the following:

    “There was a hit and run and a subject was placed under arrest. Information regarding the police report was left on each vehicle and I spoke with some of the vehicle owners. Anyone who had a vehicle that was struck and did not get the report number, it is … . Vehicle owners can obtain a copy of the report at the Third District Station, 1620 V Street, NW.

    George Kucik
    Acting Commander
    Metropolitan Police Department
    Third District”

  • I wish they arrested the suspect that hit my car on 13th St! I guess 13 is unlucky.

  • Hey that happened to me about a month ago! In Columbia Heights! On 13th Street! A drunk driver hit 9 cars! Left the scene of the accident…18 years old…my car was totaled, and I’m just now getting everything settled. It made for a very very rude Sunday-morning awakening. I can definitely empathize with these people. It really really sucks. Stupid drunk, car-stealing kids.

  • I was one of the victims of this. Reading the police report is pretty amazing, seeing how many people were affected and how much damage was done. Of course, us, the parked vehicle owners, certainly weren’t the worst victims. I feel worst about the two passengers who were rushed to the hospital. I haven’t heard anything about how well they’ve turned out since. Also, I hope the driver is safe and in good condition, I also hope he gets his license taken away and his insurance takes care of the rest of us affected.

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