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I though the wood siding was pretty unique. I’ve never seen wood like that on a rowhouse before. Has anyone else ever seen wood like this on a rowhouse?

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  • There are very few rowhomes in DC with wood siding. In fact, you can no longer construct using any kind of wood siding. The ban has been in effect since the late 1800s after a series of fires burned many of the city’s wood buildings.

  • one of those “history of DC” books that you can get at your big box book stores focuses on DC houses like this. Apparently they were all over the city in the 1800s, but werent as structurally sound and had the fire issues mentioned above. City banned them for new construction a long time ago

  • i would love to see something in print/online about the ban. i know that at least in the historic districts, if you redo your already-clapboard siding house, it has to be done in wood. but maybe that is just for old homes. seems like an odd ban, though.

  • On 9th Street S.E. east of E Street S.E. you can see two wood-sided row houses dating from the mid-1860s (Civil War era). Both, I think, very well restored/renovated. When I lived at 8th and E SE, I used to walk my dogs past them almost every day.

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