House Demolition

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So why would someone need to demolish an entire rowhouse like this? Are they normally gutted and renovated? What would be the reason for a total demolition like this?

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  • This is on Irving? You may remember it as having only a flimsy blue wooden facade a la a movie set; it has been empty and an eyesore for years. It would be great to have a new brick rowhouse matching the others.

  • I’ll check it out when I drive by. I think it may be on Varnum near 9th Street.

  • There are a few reasons why you would have to demolish an existing house, even i it were intact (unlike this one). I had some neighbors a few years ago (out of state) who moved into an 80 year old house on my block and had to immediately tear the whole thing down to the foundation and rebuild because there was terrible termite damage. Extensive water damage (like from a leaky roof that had not been repaired in years or decades) would have a similar effect on the integrity of the wood frame.

  • Parakeet: It is indeed on Irving but that one wasn’t the flimsy-blue-facade house, which is a few doors east of this one. The blue-facade place is still up, and there’s been no action there for a while. But THIS place, though, was interesting. They demolished it top-down, obviously with great care… Still, I imagine the neighbors must’ve been a bit concerned about HOW careful it was done… yeesh!

  • It is my understanding that if you leave even just the foundation that the building permits are easier to come by. I would assume this house was just not worth repairing

  • Possibly a housefire & subsequent water damage from firefighting efforts?

  • At least D.C. is better than Baltimore and not leaving vacant, boarded up, damaged, delpadated row homes to falter lowering the value of the homes next to them.

  • from the outside, it was indistinguishable from all the neighboring houses. I don’t think you need to remove the brick walls to remove termite-damaged floor joists. Will be interesting to see what happens next!

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