Hook A Babysitter Up


I saw this on the bulletin board outside Columbia Heights Coffee and based on all the strollers I’ve been seeing around the neighborhood I thought some folks may be interested.

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  • thanks!! I posted that a few weeks ago and I haven’t gotten any responses– and today I’ve already gotten a call! 🙂 you rock!!

    ps– this blog has now gotten me not one, but TWO jobs! wow!

  • Way to go PoP!

  • Hi Katie – welcome to Petworth. Are you recently arrived from western NY?

  • hey PoP, i would like a new job too… do you know of anyone looking for an ego-centric, mid-level coorporate badass/tyrant, with a softer, artistic side? ill email you my salary requirements..


  • I grew up in Rochester, but I just moved here from North Carolina. Way to recognize the 585.

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