Holy Cow: EatMore Fried Chicken For Sale!

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Thanks to an alert reader for sending this listing from Long and Foster.. Arguably the best name for a city restaurant/food may not be around for long. The listing says:

“Rare opportunity – Enormous potential. 4,200 Sq Ft building (C3A) with ongoing carryout. 4 bedrm, 1 bath, and full kitchen apartment upstairs. 100 feet from Metro Station. Across from upcoming high end condo/retail complex.”

And the asking price? A cool $1,000,000.

I suppose you have to sell a lot of fried chicken to come up with that scratch. Do you think it’s a good deal?

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  • I ALMOST took a picture of that to send to you… Seriously. We almost got an apartment right there, but… we didn’t, heh.

  • It sounds like the building is for sale and that Eatmore is a tenant.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    This is only $100K cheaper than the building that houses Looking Glass Lounge and Yoga House just down the road.

  • I think a four bedroom in DC is pretty much unheard of. Only one bath? Yes it sounds like a good deal to me.

  • don’t most of the petworth houses have 3 bedrooms plus the basement with 2.5 baths?

  • There is a liquor store in the inner Richmond in San Francisco called “Drink More Liquor” which I have always loved. But Eat More Fried Chicken is pretty good too.

    @what liz said: I wonder where you found that apartment listing. I’m really discouraged now by the apartment listings I’ve found lately. Craigslist is a joke of spam, and people stealing images from other people’s listings. And the listings at CityPaper seem to have fallen off by 3/4.

  • I hope they don’t kick out the wonderful carryout. We love their fried chicken, and always call to encourage them to stay open at night (not yet) and on weekends (we have Saturdays).

  • I’ve never eaten there, because I’m always at work during the hours that they’re open. The name is clever as hell, though

  • Where is this located? Where ever it is I have never noticed it. Probably because D.C. is filled with places like these on every block. So whose going to miss it? Theres 1095 othe options within a two mile radius.
    Come on now its just mumbo sauce!

  • It’s right by the Ga. Ave-Petworth Metro station. Just a hop-skip-jump from my home, but I’ve never eaten there. I’m a little bit skeered of it Some one else eat there first and report back to me.

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