Holy Cow – A Peach Tree!

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Awesome. Did you know that you could grow a peach tree in the front yard of your rowhouse in DC? Too cool. What conditions do you need to have a peach tree grow successfully? Are there other fruit trees that can survive and prosper in DC’s climate?

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  • My sister in Seat Pleasant (borders DC) has bountiful pear and apple trees.

  • My nieghbor has a peach tree inthe back yard. Unfortunately between the neighborhood kids and the rats they don’t end up with a lot of edible fruit.

  • we have a fig tree and a pomegranate tree growing in the front yard. last year we had one pomegranate grow to be about the size of a half dollar. this year there are lots of baby figs – we’ll see what happens.

  • We have a peach tree in our backyard. Just dug a hole, threw some topsoil and cow shit in there, planted it, gave it lots of water, and now it’s growing and bearing fruit. They sell them at the local greenhouses.

  • My neighbor in MtP has cherry, fig, apple and peach trees in his yard. And beautiful roses as well. Every year I watch people walk into his yard and poach his bounty.

  • Unless you are going to be very good about harvesting, I would strongly suggest not planting fruit trees other that ornamentals. They make a big mess, and as mentioned, attract vermin. I general its a neat concept, but in this environment, it takes a commitment that will often go beyond the current owner of the tree that I think is rarely there.

  • i have a real sour cherry tree, pawpaw trees and 3 fig trees in my front and back yards in Petworth. i also had a turkish plum tree seedling until it died this winter. i’m looking forward to some great fruit in a year or two. (also contemplating some hardy kiwis…easy to grow and produce amazing fruit after 5-6 years.)

  • Good point Steve- I bet the “neatness” of a plumb tree wears off when the new owners, 15 years from now have a sticky blanket of rotting plumbs (and flies) on their walk way everyday during summer. I’d say one should at least know how to can if they’re going to grow fruit trees.

  • We have a Peachtree in our front yard. It is just ornamental and it seems to be very durable.

  • ugh – we moved into a house with a cherry and a sour cherry – it sucks! The fruit is all over the yard. I attempt to sweep it up, but sometimes it goes bad and smells like a Boone’s Farm factory. And, my dog eats the cherries which gives him terrible gas. I can’t wait for cherry season to be over!

  • Growing up in Cleavland Park, we had an apricot tree for years. Mom used to stew the apricots in Mason Jars bought by the case. I think I was about 15 before the tree died, but 23 before the last jar of delicious apricot disappeared from the basement freezer.

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